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5 Secrets For A Happy Relationship - II

Article posted on November 28, 2012 and it has been read by 7870 people

Relationship CompatibilityA relationship has to be nurtured for it to work. Let’s continue with the secrets that make a relationship work from the previous article:


5 Secrets For A Happy Relationship Part I


  • Give some space: Provide some space to you partner.
  • Respect each other: One must make sure the respect is both ways. Respect that is one-sided does not last long.



  • Be true: It might sound simple, but it is easier said than done. Do not lie to each other, even if the truth may be bitter. If Tom had told about his drinking habit to her beforehand, she would have made it clear to stop that habit before accepting his proposal. Maybe Tina might have had an abusive elder person in her family, who had been a drunkard. This might have made her hate drunkards and if she comes to know of her future husband being a drinker, she would feel devastated. So it is better to be true and feel good, rather than lying at the start and crying at the end.



  • Change yourself, but not totally: One cannot change anyone else except themselves. The easiest thing one can do is changing them to adapt to the surroundings. Trust me, this has been the only method that has saved human beings from extinction. One can go through a change to make their partner happy. But you should be the one knowing the limit. Giving up your basic character totally behind would only end up as a disaster, as your partner might take this topic an issue in fights. But you need to know the level of compatibility between the two of you. If Tom or Tina had changed themselves a bit, then they would have married a long back. It is again one’s own decision to change or not, as it decides how much they weigh the relationship and their partner.

Love Compatibility Test


  • Say that you love her / him: There are four words that creates magic even in dying relationship – ‘Make him/her feel special’. One can send Love messages via SMS or send it as post-it note with a lovely gift. Take your partner to dinner or a long walk. Hold her hands and whisper your love in her ears. These may sound old, but if it still works out, it is fine to follow. If Tom or Tina had met after fights and made some advances using these techniques, they would have had spent their summer vacation together in some scenic islands, not alone in their office cubicles.




Again relationship is like a fire – you can control it as a candle or make it spread as forest fire. One brightens up your life, while the other destroys your life. And as you know it now, do not end up as Tom or Tina of the story told at the beginning.


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