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How Compatible Are You With Family And Friends?

Article posted on February 12, 2013 and it has been read by 11727 people

Love CompatibilityCompatible relationship between zodiac signs is a very popular topic of discussion. Your sun sign plays a major role in finding your compatibility with your parents, siblings, friends and lover.

There are 12 zodiac signs in the Western astrology system. When you divide the whole 360 degrees of the sky by 12, then you get 30 degrees for each sign. Based on which Zodiac sign the Sun is present, your Sun sign is determined.

Zodiac Compatibility is between people is essential for living together. If there is no compatibility, fights and tension will spoil that relationship. You must have seen astrologers predicting the compatibility between the bride and groom before fixing up the marriage. Likewise, we can also look for compatibility between you and your family and friends. Let us look at how compatibility can be determined between you and your lover.

Compatibility In Love: There are few star or zodiac signs which will be in sync with you and there are few signs which can never come in terms with your personality. In love, the guy and girl should be in sync and also should have equal wavelength of thoughts. For example, if your sun sign is Aries and if your lover’s sun sign is Cancer, then your chances of being in a successful relationship is too low. It has been predicted that Cancer shows a lot of romance in the relationship, while an Aries person does not look into the emotional part of it. This will end up in fights and the relationship will soon become volatile.




Compatibility In Friends: You do not choose your friends; your personality makes the choice. Like finding love, finding a friend too happens naturally. One day, you might have just met but the next day, you might be opening your mind and talking for hours with your friends. Like love, friendship too has fights and moments of tension.  For example, if your sun sign is Virgo, then you will have good times with people under Taurus and Capricorn sign.  Also Sagittarius and Gemini people can make your friendship thrilling. Try the below zodiac friendship calculator to know how compatible you can be with your friends of the 12 zodiac signs.


Friendship Zodiac Friendship


Sibling Compatibility

Compatibility In Siblings: You grow and remain with your siblings from your birth till death and so it is important that you read their Sun signs and change yourself to suit them. Suppose you have a twin brother/sister, then you both will share the same Sun sign. So, if you and your twin are born in the Aries sun sign, then chances of you both fighting as children will be normal. If you are Aquarius and your brother is a Virgo, then you would need a mediator in fights and you would have to respect your brother’s idea in implementing something new in home.



Parent CompatibilityCompatibility With Parents: While you can choose your friends, you cannot choose who your parents are. In fact, they are the ones who have brought you to this world. Compatibility between parents and child is always done on the parent side, till the child grows up to an adult. So, parents should learn about their sun sign’s compatibility with their child’s (son or daughter’s) sun sign. This is important because a child who will soon become an adult should be trained in proper aspects based on their zodiac characteristics. Or else, they might end up as a bad example in the society.



If you have a son who is of zodiac sign Scorpio, then your son should be taught how to interact with others. They usually will take others for granted and indulge in relationships where they give less and take more. This might end up in the other person thinking your son to be selfish and adamant. So, as parents you need to make the right decisions for your children.

Astrology Compatibility in relationships is a very important for it to succeed. Be it your spouse, mother, father, brother, sister or friends, a compatibility prediction always helps you understand each other better.


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