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Uses & Effects of Crystal Healing

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Crystal HealingOne of the best known and approved methods of alternative healing is Crystal Healing. As the name itself implies, crystal healing is the art of natural healing methods with crystals and gemstones. The human body works on a series of systems. Crystals are believed to be the natural devices for the purpose of balancing, harmonizing and adjusting these systems.

It is an age old belief that crystals possess certain properties and energies which are good for human health. Those properties are able to improve human health conditions. In spite of several medical advancements and innovations, the secret of crystal powers could not be analyzed. Crystals are well known to possess certain metaphysical abilities.

Origin of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing are said to have originated from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believe that there are different gems with different medical uses. Records of crystal healing are also available in Indian Ayurvedic system of treatment and also in ancient Chinese medicines around 5000 years ago. But however, till date the origin of crystal healing methods still remain obscure.




How The Crystal Healing Works

The use of gemstones, or to be more specific crystals, for the purpose of healing is basically known as Crystal Healing. These stones are placed on specific body parts - the chakras. As per the Indian mythology, Chakra means the spiritual energy; and the seven chakras are known to be the energy centers of a human body, each having its own color. At the time of crystal healing, some of the healers place the same color stone matched with the color of the chakra for the purpose of enhancing the energy flow into the body.


Gemstone TherapyAs per the healing theory, crystals are known to direct the flow of energy in certain particular parts of the body of the individual and thus balance the energy level. Quartz crystal is one of the best known crystals, used for the purpose of healing by most professionals. Some of the reasons for using this crystal are as follows:


1. It has a suitable shape and color that connects the energy of the earth with that of the human body.

2. It brings harmony, balance and healing.

3. It transforms and transmits human energy very well.

4. It is the best transmitter of color in the healing effects.

5. It helps in meditation.


Effects of Crystal Healing

1. It brings about balance and harmony within a person.

2. It ensures the well being of a person.

3. It relieves the human body from all blockages and enhances the flow of energy.

4. It helps the person attain a deep level of tranquility.

5. Reduces all sorts of mental stress and nervousness.

6. Helps a person in refraining himself from all bad habits.




Uses of Crystals

Crystals are also used to cleanse the human body from the effects of bad and negative energy, which may cause illness or bad health. Thus, these metaphysical stones are used for mental, physical as well as emotional healing. Apart from the healing method, it is also effective to wear the suitable crystals or even to place the crystals just beside the bed of the person.


Thus, from the above definition it is 'crystal clear' that the shining little stones contribute to a great extent in healing our body, mind and our soul. It also helps in the development of our potential.


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