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Choose Your Education With Astrology

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Children Education MuhurthaEducation, as per the ancient ages, comprises the learning of the Vedas, Sastras, medicine, sciences, music and subjects related to economy. For the purpose of acquiring proficiency and fame in the field of education, whatever may be the subject careful selection of auspicious moment is very essential. The following article discusses those auspicious time for education.




It must be noted, that in general, the beneficial Vedic Astrology birth star or constellations of education are the Mrigasara, Pushya, Punarvasu, Hasta, Aridra, Chitta, Sravana, Dhanistha and the Shatabhisha. Counseling a child for his/her education is one of the most outstanding fields of predictive astrology.


These days all parents want their child to be recognized. In many cases, it is seen that the parents decide the area of specialization of the child without even asking for his opinion. And in most cases it results in frustration, dissatisfaction and failure. Hence a student's interest should be taken into consideration for selecting his/her field of study.



So, it is an astrologer’s task to guide the child in choosing the branch of his/her study according to his/her merit, aptitude and interest. The discipline thus selected should be shower upon the student prosperity, fame, success and promotion in life.


Eductaion AstrologyFirst of all, it must be remembered that commencement of education needs to be avoided on Tuesdays and Saturdays at all cost. Jupiter is the planet of education and it is best to be in the 5th house with the 5th and the 9th lord and in a Kendra position. Again basic intelligence and intellectual levels are indicated by the planet Mercury which should be centrally located.





Different planets indicate success and prosperity in different fields of education. The following list shows the different planets affecting the different branches of education:

(1) Sun – Physics, statistics, political science and Mathematics.
(2) Moon – Para-medical courses, art, music and chemistry.
(3) Mars – Surgeon, mechanic, doctor, mechanic and engineer.
(4) Mercury – Economics, astrology and accounts.
(5) Jupiter – Vedas and Vedanta, history, management and literature.
(6) Venus – Music, Dance, Art, Painting, Hotel Management, Tourism and Computer animation
(7) Saturn – Geology and Labor laws.
(8) Rahu – Foreign language, pilot and research works.
(9) Ketu – Magic, forensic science, language and criminology.


Electional AstrologyFor the purpose of determining the branch of study, the 2nd, 5th, 4th and the 8th houses are considered. A student's ability, his perseverance and his power to express himself are ruled by the planetary lords of the 2nd house. To be specific, about 20% of a student's education is ruled by this house. The next 20% is governed by the 4th house which deals with homely atmosphere related to education and learning.




However, the 5th astrological house is the house of foremost importance as far as education is concerned. It controls 60% of the educational process which shows the level of education of the student. For the purpose of research and higher education, the 8th house is considered whereas the 3rd house is concerned with the ability to work hard which is an indispensable ingredient of success in today's world.


In this way, Astrology can be helpful in guiding an individual to his/her educational career in the right direction as per his/her ability, aptitude and interest.

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