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Mind Control & Inferiority Complex

Article posted on August 6, 2012 and it has been read by 7116 people

Overcome Fear With Will PowerWhether it be our in our school, within family, friends and relatives or be it our workplace, all of us, at some point of time or the other, suffer from inferiority complex. When an individual feels humble, low and inferior in comparison to others, we call it Inferiority Complex.


Inferiority complex is the declining of an individual's own self-esteem of himself. A feeling of humbleness, misery gradually starts developing within him and he feels that he is left to live all alone in this big family. Life itself becomes hazardous for this kind of person.




Effects Of The Complex

  • Produces an inability to adapt in different circumstances.
  • A permanent fear develops within.
  • Affects the life of people around the individual.
  • Nothing can be done properly.
  • Lack of self confidence.
  • Energy level falls drastically.
  • Anxiety increases.
  • All kinds of mental and physical ailments start affecting.
  • A feeling of insecurity comes from within.




Inferiority Leads To Anxiety

MeditationWe, as human being constantly want to work, to make progress in life, to make a mark, to struggle to make our opinions felt, to debate with others, to reach the top, to approach at an equal footing with our superiors and to feel relaxed within ourselves. All these feelings and inner thoughts of man force him to exceed his capability of proving himself. These things do, very often lead you to suffer from inferiority complex which in turn makes way to anxiety. The reasons for such happenings are as follows:


  1. Consciously he has the desire and the will to impress his personality on others.
  2. Subconsciously, he feels some sense of danger. He has the baseless feeling that others listen to him, only under sufferance, that he is boring, clumsy etc.
  3. Moreover, we live in a world based on force. Now, whether this is good or bad is immaterial.
  4. The person suffering from a feeling of inferiority is then obliged to demonstrate his own strength in order to prove and as well as to protect himself.

  5. He develops a way of life which is false in order to let others believe that whatever he is saying or demonstrating are genuine.
  6. All of us want to attain a peaceful life, and keep suffering at the bay. But inferiority complex leads to suffering for it make hims feel insecure, fearful, and powerless and this often gives rise to anxiety. You need to have a strong willpower to overcome this kind of insecurity.
  7. Everyone exposed to suffering seeks a solution. But a person suffering from inferiority complex tries to escape from his sufferings. He looks for something that will enable him to escape and to get himself rid of his feeling of being powerless and inferiority. And this very feeling in him gives rise to the feeling of anxiety.




It is very logical that you feel inferior you would ideally like to feel superior. While you look powerless in the face of life, you will look for a way to become super powerful. If you feel that you are being humiliated, you will always have the tendency of humiliating others. Thus you will have a tendency of ‘compensation.’ It is nothing, but a play of illusion and a compromise. So stop feeling low. Always think positive and be optimistic and see how beautiful your life is!


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