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How To Achieve Success?

Article posted on August 6, 2012 and it has been read by 11736 people

Will PowerThe one thing which we, human beings engage ourselves in is the non-stop rat race and the achievement of which gives us immense pleasure is of course nothing but, Success. Everybody craves for success in his field of work. We all want to succeed! But hard work is definitely the key to success complemented with your strong will power.


Whatever may be our undertakings – in the direction of worldly prosperity or spiritual illumination, in spheres secular or spiritual – not one us would like to fail or accept failures light heartedly with a smile on our face. Success though we all desire, it must be noticed that in various spheres of life, truly successful men are only handful. Some more people may be found who did attain a moderate level of success in their lives; while many more just simply fail!





In the stories of success and failure in life, many factors are involved. But in every common case there is a single common factor involved. Yes, and that is the factor of Will-Power! Just go up and ask any successful man, their answer will be that the degree of a person’s success is directly proportional to the degree of will power he has attained. Thus, how to develop the willpower stands out to be one of the most fundamental and a demanded question these days. It is one of the most important mental issues especially in the lives of the upcoming generation.


The answer is very simple. It should be a part of our education from our childhood to be trained in developing the will power, for without it, the education of human life remains largely ineffective. According to Swami Vivekananda, “The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education.”


If, unfortunately, we have not or did not get the scope of learning how to develop will power in early life, we should rectify it as soon as possible and do so at any stage of life. The reason is, self improvement is almost impossible without the voluntary or involuntary exercise of will power. On the other hand, given the will power, we can bring about considerable changes in our individual as well as collective lives for the better, even from very miserable and hopeless situations.

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You do not have to go very far. Turning the pages of history, consider again the effects of will power of Gandhiji whom Churchill called ‘the half-naked fakir’ and also the will power of all the people in the world who in their own motherland were ruled after and treated as slaves by colonial powers!!




If we study the lives of those people who were once in very bad shape and afterwards were found to rise from the shambles in a spectacular manner, we shall discover that in every single case, it was their will power that brought about their transformation and resurgence. Again, if we study the lives of some person, who in their early lives showed much promise, had all the opportunities to attain their success, and yet never fulfilled their promise, we will discover in every single case that there was absence of will power that had led to their fading away like rainbow colors.


Given the will power, it has been inevitably proved that man can make everything out of nothing. Whereas in the absence of will power all his talents and blossoming qualities and endowments come to nothing!

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