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Learn To Interpret Dreams

Article posted on August 8, 2012 and it has been read by 8630 people

Types Of DreamsWe all dream, it is part of life. And on an average we spend one third of our life just dreaming. A series of pictures, images or events which is visualized by a person at the time of sleeping are known as dreams. Dreams are considered to be mirror of our sub-conscious mind - our inner soul. A lot of emotions, activities and feelings - all in our sub-conscious state comprise our dreams. Since the time of Adam and Eve, dreams continue to be a mystery to all of us. We human beings get fascinated by dreams very easily.




We talk of dreams only when they are interesting or else, we hardly bother to think about what we have dreamt of the previous night. The world of dream is quite fascinating and to some extent mysterious as well. It is a world where the principles of reality are not applicable. Dreams are those threads that unify your body, soul and mind.


Nobody except you yourself can understand your emotions, your experiences, your feelings or even your background. Your dreams are always connected to your reality. Thus, it is important to note all your personal and real life experiences and incidents for the purpose of dream interpretation.


As dreams are related to reality, so it is very necessary that we understand and interpret the meaning of the dreams. It may sound quite difficult and a bit menacing to analyze and interpret your own dreams, but things are being made easier these days with the introduction of a number of softwares and websites enabling us to interpret our dreams.





Since ancient times, people have been trying to interpret their dreams. Dream interpretation is actually the method of assigning certain meanings to our dreams. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, dreaming was considered as a form of divination. But in the modern society, all types of dreams are considered as the fulfillment of some of our wishes in the conscious or in the unconscious state.


Learning how to interpret the dreams online is a unique and all together a different experience. Technology has made the whole process of learning ways of dream interpretation fun, simple, interesting and easy. The first step to interpretation is to understand the different characters in your dream and how you relate to them. Then you need to think why you are having such dreams at this moment in life.


How do these incidents affect you in the real world? Identify all the symbols in your dream, find their meanings from a dream dictionary and come to your own conclusions. One can divide dreams into different parts and then try to interpret and analyze it part by part.


Apart from this, there are a number of softwares which helps us in understanding the underlying meaning of our dreams. Dreams are forgotten by us very easily. The software lets you to record your dreams.  Apart from this, the software has gone a step further to explain the meanings of the different Dream Symbols. Learning dream interpretation online enables you to participate in the dream discussion forums. These forums are the places where you can discuss, share and learn ways to make dream interpretation easier.


The best part of these online dream interpretation courses are - learning is not time or topic bound. One can learn things at his/her own pace. This gives everyone an opportunity to do his or her best as everyone may not learn at the same speed or may not be able to devote time on a regular basis.


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