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January 2017 Gemini Horoscope Prediction

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Gemini horoscope prediction for January 2017 says this will be a month of vigor and action for the Gemini zodiac sign. You will need to be a leader if you wish to be in a commanding position. Make complete use of the gentle side of your nature to get your way instead of being rude and controlling.


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Love / Romance / Sex
Do not be dominating in your relationship. Love your partner as an equal else put an end to the relationship. Marital life will be full of bliss if you keep away from negative thinking.


Sex for Gemini in this month of 2017 may not be very happy. You will doubt your partner and this may lead to some unhappiness. You need to control your mind and remove all unwanted thoughts if you wish to have a happy sex life. If you are successful in being positive then you will experience sexual pleasures that you may have never imagined before.


Gemini 2017 January Monthly Astrology

Career / Profession
This month is the time for you to be commanding in your job. Your hard work will yield excellent results but you will have to be alert if you wish to be appreciated for it. Make investments in business only if you are ready for delayed results.


Money / Finance
Be sure to jot down your income and expense. Learn from your mistakes and do not make bad financial investments in January 2017.


Travel astrology forecast suggest that no holiday or vacation is on the cards this month. You may have more pressing matters to attend to but the latter half of the month is a good time for a short getaway.


Gemini horoscope for health says that you may have to deal with some common ailments. But it can be avoided if you keep up with your regular regime of work out and exercise.


You need to make your opinions clear if you wish to be taken seriously by your family. Learn to lead or be ready to make compromises.


Be prepared for the coming month with this free online monthly 2017 Horoscope for Gemini.


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