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The 7 Types Of Dreams

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We all dream, it is part of life. And on an average we spend one third of our life just dreaming. We dream as long as we live. Even babies dream. There are many categories of dreams. They are:


Dream Interpretation

1. Day dreams: A level of consciousness between being awake and asleep.

2. Lucid dreams: When the dreamer wakes up in the dream and realizes they are dreaming.

3. Nightmares: A dream that is disturbing or creates an element of fear.

4. Recurring Dreams: The dreams which get repeated.

5. Healing Dreams: These are messages with warnings that the dreamer should be aware of their health.

6. Prophetic dreams: These are dreams/ visions that predict the future.

7. Epic Dreams: These are the vivid dreams that you simply can’t ignore.


Dream symbolsMostly, it happens to all of us, that we cannot simply interpret or understand our dreams. Dream symbols need to be understood. For an easy understanding and interpretation of the different dream symbols, an online dream dictionary can be consulted.


An online Dream Dictionary is an extensive collection of interpretations of dream symbols. Dreams tell us a lot more than we can understand in reality. Understanding dreams helps a person overcome his inhibitions and lead a better quality of life. All terms are usually explained in simple language thus making it a useful resource for beginners.




Need For Having The Online Dictionary:

The Online Dream Dictionary has been designed mainly for those people who need immediate online translation of different words related to the subject of dream interpretation. It acts as a useful guide for fast, immediate and easy reference of innumerable words. It provides online definitions of all words related to dream interpretation.




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