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Astrological Influence On Politics

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Mundane Astrology For PoliticsPolitical astrology deals with politics, the government and the political laws. Although it may sound surprising, but it is a fact, that certain countries have their astrologers prepare the nations’ astrological chart just like a person’s natal chart. For instance, the astrological chart of the U.S.A. is considered to be 4th July, 1776, as that was the day the country was born.


Did you know that the U.S president Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy planned most of their political activities based on the advice of a family friend who happened to be an astrologer! Moreover, if you turn the pages of history, there are many who think Alexander the Great also took the help of renowned astrologers for the purpose of guiding his military campaigns.




The use of astrology as far as political activities and politicians are concerned, came to light in the recent past. Astrology has long been on the mind of the world's great leaders. Moon plays an important and a significant role as far as the political arena is concerned. Being the planet of the masses Moon influences the political parties and political activities to a great extent. Over the years, many great politicians and successful world leaders have relied on astrology and astrological calculations to help them guide through different phases.


Moon In AstrologyThe following are some of the astrological conditions which are required to excel in the field of politics and also to be a successful politician:


1. Sun, the ruling planet of the solar system and the planet of power and authority must be well placed and auspicated by Jupiter.


2. Mars, the planet which indicates the push, zeal and forwardness must be strong in your natal chart.


3. Sun, Mercury and Saturn if conjoined in one house makes an individual a minister in his life.


4. If Mercury is in a good position it gives the native an excellent communication ability, which is a must for a Politician.




Countries astrology5. If Lord of 5th house is in the 4th house then the native becomes an honest minister.


6. Jupiter in the 9th house aspected by Mars is considered to be very beneficial as far as politics is concerned.


7. When all benefics are in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house and malefic planets in the 1st and 10th house, then one can become the Chief Minister.


8. General public is indicated by the 4th house and it should be auspicated by benefic and strong planets posited therein.




Astrology is one of the most interesting, intriguing, thought provoking, symbolic and enlightening study. Based on astrological interpretations, countries, like humans also have birth dates which have been derived on the basis of symbolic moments when they were founded as nation states.


Experimenting with the natal charts of the nations, help the astrologers predict the future of the nation and its upcoming political activities, a prediction which is far more successful in revealing the nature of the nation better, than the results provided by the retrospective studies.


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