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Meaning Of Dreams Of Falling

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Dream analysisA series of pictures, images or events, which is visualized by a person at the time of sleeping, are known as dreams. Dreams are considered to be mirror of our sub-conscious mind - our inner soul. A lot of emotions, activities and feelings - all in our sub-conscious state comprise our dreams. Since the time of Adam and Eve, dreams continue to be a mystery to all of us. Dreams fascinate human beings very easily.


Talmud said – “An uninterrupted dream is like an unopened letter from God.” Dream interpretation is actually the method of assigning certain meanings to our dreams. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, dreaming was considered a form of divination. But in the modern society, dreams are considered to be the fulfillment of some of our wishes either in the conscious or in the unconscious state.


Dreaming of falling while walking, climbing down the stairs, from chairs, bed or from anywhere are quite common and not at all absurd in the world of dreams. It is really very annoying to experience falling dreams.

If you try and analyze the core symbol of experiencing falling dreams, then you will understand it reflects that somewhere in your subconscious mind, you are suffering from a sense of inferiority complex; you feel that you are an ultimate loser and a pure failure in all your undertakings and also in your life in general. It signifies a sense of insecurity within you and on having dreams of falling you tend to wake up with a sudden jerk.




dreams of fallingIf you dream that you are falling, then your first and foremost task should be to have a closer look at your life; you need to assess and analyze the different situations you come across. During your dream analysis, very often you will come across such situations where you will undergo a feeling, that you are not the right person to handle the same; you will feel quite low and ‘not quite measured up’ to face the situation. But you need to shake off all complexes, solve the problem and overcome the same successfully. Dreams of falling in schools, homes and even at the workplace, all signify the same.

It has been pointed out by experts across the world that dreams of falling are experienced by most people during the early stages of their sleep. However, they could not provide any logical explanation for the same and as such you can take it to be an inconsiderate factor.

The Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud believed that falling dreams signify the dreamer’s sexual urges, needs and desires. He pointed out, “It indicates that the dreamer is contemplating and giving in to a sexual urge or impulse of some sort.”

Thus, falling dreams basically signify lack of adequate self-confidence and self-esteem. Thus, on having such dreams it is necessary that you work harder to improve your talents, your skills and your level of confidence. On doing so, once you attain the desired level, you will be relieved of all kinds of anxiety and henceforth you will too stop dreaming of falling.

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