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Effect Of Numbers On Your Relationship

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Couple In LoveThe concept of using numerology in order to estimate the potential of a long-term relationship and your level of compatibility with a prospective partner is one of the most definite ways to ensure a good and long lasting relationship. These days more and more people are turning to numerology for the purpose of solving the problems in an existing relationship, and as a result gain a new understanding.


Relationship numerology is unarguably one of the best branches of advanced numerology; it is that form of numerology which can be applied very successfully in anybody’s daily life. The aim of this particular branch is to equip you with the ability of assessing the unfavorable nature of the numbers 2, 4, 8 and 9.




It helps you understand the internal relationship between the name and birth date of a person, and the external relationships a person would have with other people. It will also provide you with the apparatus of suggesting ways and means, numerically, to improve the harmony in relationships between people, and between persons and things.


This advanced form of numerology insists on developing a harmonious relationship between the name and the date of birth of a person; analyzing the degree of compatibility of the two persons on the basis of the study of numbers so as to avoid all types of inner contradictions, and to ensure a smooth, happy and a peaceful life. It also specifies how to maintain cordial relations with each and everybody and how to avoid quarrels and anxieties and lead a peaceful life.


Love NumbersHarmony between a name and the birth date of a person develops through vibrations of numerical values representing the two factors. When there is no vibration and harmony between the two, conflicting interests would crop up disturbing peace and tranquility in one’s life.


As far as relationship numerology is concerned, 2 is one of the weakest numbers and 4 an unfortunate one. 8 is the most unfortunate numbers among all and 9 possesses a destructive power. It is because of these tendencies, the numbers 2, 4, 8, or 9 persons should be very cautious not to repeat the power of these numbers in their lives.




This means that if the numerical value of a person‘s birth date is equal to 2, 4, or 8, it is better not to have names whose numerical value equals the value of anyone of these birth dates. It should be strictly observed if one wants to have a trouble free life. Moreover, the 2, 4, 8 or 9 people should avoid traveling in local trains or buses as far as possible in order to avoid accidents, mishaps or failures in traveling.


Though the number 9 is a highly powerful number, the destructive power of this particular number should however be kept in mind. If more and more events are related to number 9 in some way or the other in their lives, they are likely to suffer from accidents, quarrels and injuries. They should be especially cautious of the repetition of this number while traveling or in arguments, as it may lead to accidents or fights. Recurrence of this number may cause fire tragedies as well, since this number represents the element of fire.


Numerology Compatibility



It must however be noted that these numbers are not fully bad and inauspicious. They are also good for certain purposes depending on their characteristics. For example, loans of handsome amount can be provided to a number 4 person who would certainly repay it with the due interest. Similarly, you can also admit a number 2 person as your silent business partner as he would not be involved in any of your business affairs. They are absolutely reliable people for any confidential work and never bear the intention of harming others.


So, all numbers are neither fully good nor totally bad. Some numbers are considered to be auspicious for some events while inauspicious for some other purposes. For example, a number 3 person is bound to be successful in educational business, whereas, he fails disastrously as far as business related to night clubs or pharmacies are concerned.


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