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Scorpio - The Scorpion – Zodiac Personality

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Scorpio star sign is believed to be one of the most powerful zodiac signs. The keywords that describe a Scorpio the best are 'forceful' and 'dynamic'. The Scorpios are basically intense and powerful. Whatever the situation, they always appear calm, cool and controlled.


At times, they tend to be a bit emotional and sensitive. They have the ability to handle all sorts of unpleasant situations elegantly and are often successful.

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Sexuality and Emotions:

Scorpio have very strong emotions, ardent passions and a physical eroticism which greatly exceeds that of the other astrology signs. A pure Scorpio will find it difficult to 'forget about it' if his/her sexual and emotional life is unsatisfactory. No one is less able to transmute sexual energies and desires into artistic creativity than the Scorpio people. If the Scorpions love ardently, they also love long; they can develop an almost obsessive relationship with the object of their desires. As a result they can be extremely jealous human beings.



Scorpio Star Sign


General Character:

Nobody can legitimately accuse the Scorpio of being dull. He/she possesses tremendous energy and ambition. Some of the old astrologers say that the Scorpions have all the fleshy appetites of the carnivorous eagle, liking to tear and rend their prey that they very often snatch from the earth and then fly high into the sky.


A horoscope analysis of this sun signs shows that a strong relationship exists between the Scorpio and the planets Mars and Pluto and thus the pure Scorpio exhibit a number of good as well as bad characteristics associated with these planets. In general, the Scorpions are brave, energetic, authoritative, creative and also innovative. As friends, they are very loyal people and cannot tolerate any sort of betrayal in their relationship. It is often said, it is better to avoid the pure Scorpio, than to abuse their friendship by disloyalty.


Life Style:

Scorpio only find satisfaction in a life which allows them to satisfy their strong physical and emotional appetites and that provides them with an outlet for their drive for success. What is unacceptable to the pure Scorpio are triviality and pettiness - he/she could be happy auditing the accounts of large companies, but to devote his/her life in checking the petty cash would be unendurable. The Scorpio personality thinks big, wants to act big and even require great deal of money to satisfy his/her desire. At home, the Scorpio are not fussy about their surroundings as long as their physical and emotional appetites are satisfied.


Career / Profession:

The Scorpio career astrology calculator shows that determination is the keyword for the Scorpion career. Once a goal is set and determined to be achieved nothing in the world can hold back the Scorpion in reaching their desired goal. As far as work life and career is concerned the Scorpions are very passionate and intense. They know the art of doing the most difficult tasks in the easiest and simplest manner.


This sign of the zodiac loves to manage and solve all types of responsible and serious problems. They are excellent innovators and decision makers. Energy and the spirit to work hard are some of the traits which are always filled up to the brim for the true Scorpio.


Best Career Options:

1. Doctors

2. Investigators

3. Ecologist

4. Engineers

5. Managers

6. Navigators





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