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Pisces - The Fish – Zodiac Personality

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Pisces star signPisces zodiac sign is sometimes described as 'the poet's sign'. In reality very few Pisces have turned out to be pure poets or vice versa. But there is definitely an element of vague dreaminess associated with some of the Pisceans.


But, at the best, according to the Pisces horoscope, people of this sign can make good artists. Pisceans are basically amiable, kind and generous. Occasionally they are a bit devious, to find an easy way out of a difficult situations. However, it has been noted that most of the Fishes are loving, caring and kind hearted people.


Sexuality and Emotions:

A Pisces sexuality analysis shows that The Pisces woman who displays the characteristics of her sign in their purest form is the Victorian ideal of femininity - loving, caring, shy, submissive and anxious to please her partner.


The Piscean male shares at least some of these characteristics and if his partner turns to be the dominant in their relationship, then he can become the hen-pecked husband. Pisceans of either sex have a romantic approach to life. But at times this romanticism is difficult to be reconciled with the practicalities of life.


General Character:

Basically all the Pisceans are kind hearted, loving, caring and considerate is what is shown if you look into their astrology report. But when these traits of the Fish coincides with his/her emotional and sensitive feelings, things turn to be very foolish. The true Piscean always runs the risk of being easily exploited and influenced by people around him/her.


Pisces Horoscope 2017Life Style:

Pisceans are rarely motivated by either greed or ambition. Being the loving and caring personality, very often they readily give their affection and love to people around them. As a result they too get respect and affection in return.


The Piscean is intrinsically a thoroughly decent and well mannered human being. Thus, if anybody behaves in a cruel and rough manner with this zodiac sign, it tends to hurt them very easily. Apart from being kind, generous, loving and caring, sensitive and emotional are the other strong keywords which describe the Pisces best.


Career / Profession:

Greed or ambition never drives the Pisceans crazy. They are slow and steady. They tend to be happy under any type of working environment. The Pisces career calculator shows that no Piscean ever likes the idea of working under rigid discipline and routine. As individuals you persist with the truth.


You are not driven by monetary gains and you never indulge in any sort of dubious activities. At the workplace, you never compromise with your duties. What concerns you people the most is a good salary complemented with a handsome bonus.


Best Career Options:

1. Actors

2. Charity Workers

3. Designer

4. Photographer

5. Social Worker

6. Secret Agent

7. Chemist




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