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How To Be A Good Psychic Reader

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Who is a psychic reader? How does one develop their psychic abilities and intuition in order to be able to predict the future? Get easy tips and advice in order to be able to do a good psychic reading.

Psychic Reader

If you have watched the movie Minority Report, in which Tom Cruise acted as a Police officer, you would then be familiar with the term precognition. It is nothing but recognizing something that is about to happen or that will occur in the future. With the help of three people with precognition abilities, the police force in that film arrest people before they turn into criminals. Though the movie is set in somewhere in the future, what is depicted in the movie is exhibited by people around the world. You don’t just call them normal people, but you must call them psychics. Psychics are people gifted with special powers that make them different from normal human beings.


There were psychics who performed paranormal activities and who achieved superpower and had showcased awesome abilities. Some of the psychic abilities that are usually performed are Automatic Writing, Astral projections, Dowsing, Precognition, Psychokinesis, Scrying, Telepathy, etc.


You might have seen in cartoons or movies, where a person holds a Y-shaped stick that vibrates near a water source. This practice is called Dowsing. Automatic Writing is something that a psychic does with paper and pen. Whatever is being drawn or written on the paper is believed to have some significance to the future. Astral Projection is similar to out of body experience, wherein, a psychic sees the surrounding by going out of his own body.


Psychokinesis is the moving of an object without touching it or using external influences and by using mind power alone. Scrying is looking into crystal ball and being able to predict the future of a person. Telepathy is communicating without any communication devices. By telepathy, two people not related to each other, share their thoughts and read each other’s minds, even when they are distances apart.


Psychic Reading AbilitiesYou can also become a clairvoyant psychic and develop these above-said abilities. All you have to do is follow these four steps:


  1. Practice meditation. Meditation cleanses your mind and acts as purifier of the soul. The more you meditate, the more you gain knowledge about your own inner self. People have exhibited telepathy and telekinesis by means of meditating in a controlled manner. Meditation brings out the power of your own inner personality and allows you to utilize them in a controlled manner.

  2. Listen and be aware. Be aware of your surroundings and listen to everything you could hear. Unplug the usual songs you play on your iPod and try to hear nearby sounds like horns, birds chirping and even people talking. This allows your mind to expand itself and take in more details about the environment. This would come in handy when you want to learn more about the person who has approached you for help. Listen to all possible sounds around you and try to relate them to each other by using your intuition.

  3. Maintain a notebook or psychic journal. Write down whatever you think. Whatever you think, however random or childish it maybe, just write it down in a diary or notebook. Keep it with you wherever you go and never hesitate to write. When you want to be psychic, everything you think matters a lot. Also whatever you had dreamt should find its way to that notebook somehow. You can write it down as soon as you wake up from the dream. Or remember it well and then write it down before your daily routine engulfs you. The kind of dream plays a pivotal role in the psychic analysis of a person.

  4. Stay Calm. Psychic abilities cannot be achieved by a person who wants quick results and who is impatient. You need to patient and keep on trying to improve your psychic abilities till you gain confidence about your powers. Try going to calm places and sit thinking about your inner self.

When you have practiced these four steps with accuracy, you need to learn more about psychic ability that will be your main domain and then practice heavily on it. Then, it is time to help people understand their past and reveal their future by using those psychic abilities. Some psychic abilities are not concerned with a person, rather by demonstrating something physical like flying in the air or moving objects.


It is believed that tarot card readers have special psychic powers and the cards they draw speak with them about the person who had asked for their tarot reading. Rider Waite Tarot cards are a pack of seventy eight cards with 56 normal cards similar to playing cards, while 22 cards are called Major Arcana. These major arcana cards each represent people like Priestess, Pope, etc and determine the crucial steps of your life. While the rest 56 cards called Minor arcana, predicts the minor happenings in your life. As soon as a psychic tarot reader shuffles cards for you, she communicates with the cards and picks out the one that they feel relates to you more. Thus, tarot card reading requires the reader to have the psychic power to foresee your future.


Stones with inscriptions were used in a psychic reading technique called Rune stone magic. In this, ceramic tablets called rune stones had some symbols engraved on it. You have to cast the rune stones and based on the pattern that shows up; one can predict the character and events in a person life. Blank rune stones should not be used for predictions. While a normal rune shows positive things and energies, a reversed rune or upside-down rune predicts negative happenings.


Be it tarot, runes or any other form of fortune telling, a psychic reader your predicts the future for people needs to develop his intuition and ESP abilities. A psychic test helps you gauge you clairvoyant abilities and work on it.







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