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3 Natural Healing Remedies

Article posted on December 7, 2012 and it has been read by 9171 people

Natural HealingYou must have seen advertisements on TV about healing people naturally. No, not by divine means, but by using natural methods. It might be acupuncture or an Ozone therapy. This method of treating patients without resorting to tablets or syringes is known as Naturopathy. It is completely different from the treatment which our doctors at hospitals do. Hospitals do evidence-based treatment, where doctors diagnose and prescribe medicines to reduce the illness.


But in natural healing, the practitioner or therapist hears your entire life history and offers counseling in such a way that your own soul heals your body. Natural healing also involves refraining from alcohol and caffeine and adoption of a healthier lifestyle.





HomeopathySimilar to Natural healing, another method of healing has developed. In fact, these methods are binary to each other – one leading to the other. Holistic healing method proposes that treatment should not target the physical body needs, but also the psychological, spiritual and social needs of the body. Holistic healing is achieved by prescribing natural diet, herbal remedies, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional supplements to the patient.


  • Homeopathy: One of the most famous methods of natural healing is Homeopathy. It believes that the mental state of mind is the reason for diseases and that suppressing the symptoms as in Western medicine will not remove the disease totally. It also proposed the theory of ‘miasms’ as tiny souls which are responsible for causing the diseases and removing them from the human body which is impossible with Western medicines and requires Homeopathy.





  • Acupuncture: Another famous method of natural healing is Acupuncture in which thin metal needles are inserted superficially into the skin. These needles will streamline the flow of an energy called Qi. It was believed in this Chinese treatment method that disruption of Qi causes diseases in human body.


  • Aromatherapy: One form of natural healing is the use of vapor of plant extracts to cure the person and heal his mind. This method is called Aromatherapy. Fragrant oils are sprayed through the air or the patient is allowed to inhale the vapor under this Aromatherapy. Apart from curing diseases, this method also reduces pain, anxiety and enhances energy and memory.





Each of these above forms of alternative healing can give you instant relief from a myriad of health problems like depression, obesity, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and every other kind of physical, mental or emotional illness.



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