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Luck And Feng Shui Kua Number

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The Kua or Gua number for a person helps one analyze his destiny and defines his auspicious and inauspicious directions as well as personal colors to wear and avoid for these particular directions. Each number attracts a different kind of prosperity. It is recommended that you eat, sit and sleep in the auspicious directions.


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The personality traits of an individual, his illnesses, the elements and colors surrounding the aura, his auspicious sleeping directions, the relations which may affect him adversely and all helpful information related to the person can be identified by the Kua number.




This number determines an individual's comfort level in a given environment, his compatibility with others and the challenges or dangers he may have to face during his life time.


The four most auspicious directions as per the Kua Numbers are:


1. Success (Sheng Chi) direction: This is the direction in which there will be progress in education field. Prosperity in business and abundance of happiness will also come from this direction. It is the direction of wealth and prosperity.


2. Health (Tien Yi) Direction: This direction brings good health and protection from illnesses. It brings relief from suffering and helps in the curing process.


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3. Your Romance (Nien Yen) Direction: As is evident from the name itself, this is the relationship direction. It will help you attain a charming relationship with your family, friends and relatives by reducing all sorts of troubles, fights, quarrels and misunderstandings.


4. Personal Development (Fu Wei) Direction: This helps improve your stability and personality development. It also aids your thought process. Your kindness and respect for others also increases.





Similar to the auspicious directions, there are certain inauspicious directions as well as per the Kua Number theory. They are:


1. Total Loss (Chueh Ming) Direction: This is the worst direction as far as your jobs, careers and finances are concerned. It could also bring terrible misfortunes to an individual.

2. Six Killing or Obstacle (Liu Sha) Direction: This signifies your direction for legal problems and constant illnesses.

3. Five Ghosts or Illness (Wu Kuei) Direction: This may cause illnesses in your family and some scandals. There may also be accidents.

4. Mishaps (Hou Hai) Direction: This may lead to arguments and loss of money.




The calculation of the Kua number has its basis on the Chinese solar calendar. The number is calculated with the help of the date, time and the place of birth. The gender of the person concerned is also required for the calculation of the Kua numbers.

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