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What Is Love Compatibility?

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Love compatibility with your partner is very crucial for a person about to enter into relationship. You can think of choosing your partner a thousand times, before you commit yourself to him or her. But once you accept her as your partner, then there is no going back in the decision. Even if you try to go back, both you and your partner would be hurt in the process. There are various methods in which a compatibility test can be determined, so that the person you choose after this would be with you till your last breath.





Love CompatibilityCompatibility by Numerology:

Numerology helps to find the destiny of a person by summing up the numbers related to the birth date and name. You can also use numerology to find compatibility by name between your partner and you. For that, you need to find the Destiny number. Destiny Number is nothing but adding the digits corresponding to the alphabet in your name and then summing the digits till it arrives into single digit. For example, if your Destiny number is 3 and your partner’s destiny number is 6, then you and your partner will have same likes and dislikes. You two will spend your life blissfully with each other. Though compatibility by numerology is considered for marriages too, it is highly recommended to go for astrology compatibility predictions.


Compatibility by Vedic Astrology:

Vedic astrology compatibility analysis employs the technique of comparing two astrology charts and totaling a score of 36 for matrimonial Kundli matchmaking. Horoscope compatibility is gauged by means of relationship between Moon in your horoscope and in your partner’s horoscope, which is called Ashta Kuta system. There are twelve kutas – Varna, Vashya, Dina, Yoni, Graha Maitram, Gana, Rashi, Nadi, Mahendra, Stree-Dirgha, Rajju and Vedha.  Each Kuta has a score and when you add up these scores and if it is above 25, the pair is considered to be made for each other.


Varna has a score of 1 and Nadi has score of 8, while other Kutas fall in between these numbers. Mahendra, Stree-Dirgha, Rajju and Vedha kutas have no score. Even though they have no score, they are vital in finding the love compatibility. If you take Varna Kuta for instance, it is about the position of Moon in the zodiac signs, which in turn is classified on the basis of Varna. You all might know that there are four Varnas, which are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudhra.


Twelve Vedic moon signs or Rashi are categorized into these four divisions, with three signs in each. Based on the Varna in which your moon sign is and your partner’s Varna is present, your compatibility is decided i.e., you are compatible if the value is 1 and incompatible if it is 0. This compatibility is considered the most, while match-making for matrimony using your birth chart or Janam Kundli.


Palmistry Reading CompatibilityCompatibility by Palmistry:

Palm reading is also a preferred method for finding compatibility between partners. A man with thick hands can have a successful marriage relationship than one with a thinner hand. On the contrary, woman with thicker palm is considered to be more emotional and it would be hard for the partner. You would have noticed one of the ruling lines in palmistry, the Heart line, if it is curved - it is believed that emotions will be masculine in nature. If it is straight, it means emotions will be feminine in nature. So you need to read your palm and your partner’s palm and deduce the palm reading compatibility by analyzing the features that would be in sync between the two of you.


Compatibility by Zodiac Sign:

There are twelve zodiac signs and based on your sun sign, your compatibility with your partner can be defined. Relationship astrology, also called as Synastry is used to find compatibility between planets. But for love compatibility, one should look into the position of Venus in your horoscope. When Venus lies in Aries star sign, then your infatuations are quick and you love a chase. Also, you can be attracted to a various number of people. When Venus lies in Leo, then you would be too deep into love. Or in other words, you would be mad in love with your partner.


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