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Child Psychology - Causes Of Anxiety

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Child AnxietyAnxiety in your child can have dire consequences. Find out what causes this problem in children and learn how one should deal with it.


When a young child steps out of his house, then he is being thrown out into a world which is huge, menacing and also to some extent very cruel and selfish. The people around him seem like giants. His mom and dad are like Gods to him, with full knowledge in everything. At this stage the child is weak, inexperienced and helpless.


It is very important to observe how he reacts in cases of fearful circumstances. Some children are more prone to anxiousness than others and as he grows up very often he is subjected to certain anxieties. This type of anxiety is not something which is temporary and that can be forgotten.


These are the real anxieties which develop afresh within an infant. It is very much essential to avoid the chances of anxieties developing permanently in children and producing a defense mechanism which gradually, gathers around the child. This may lead to neurosis. In such cases family circle and support is of great significance.


Anxiety is a very normal thing among the children. They always look around for a feeling of security.  Now it is obviously not possible for a child to tell the difference between the real and the unreal. He is not able to find for himself a means of self defense.


Child PsychologyHow To Make A Child Feel Secure

Security for a child is very essential. Often a child suffers from lack of tenderness and feeling towards him. In most cases, it appears that the child is being given tenderness and affection. Apparently it seems that the child is under immense love and intense care, but actually it is not always so! The child is very sensitive about this.


He feels perfectly happy only if the love shown and showered upon him is real. But unfortunately, many parents are nervous people. But one should be bold enough and prevent the child from becoming more and more insecure and prevent him from developing depression or mental disorders.


Never Frighten A Child

Anxiety DepressionAnxiety in children is usually the result of his parents’ behavior. Everything is good if the child becomes morally and physically independent and he becomes strong and courageous. In this case, he will be capable of handling problems and strange situations. But if he is shielded, then his sense of helplessness and dependency increases.


Until, he is an adult he will rely on his parents for every minor and major issue and will be dependant upon them. In such a case, he will adapt badly to life. He will start showing signs of anxiety. Danger will seem to be everywhere around and this is one of the main characteristics of anxiety.


Encourage Your Child

Happy ChildEvery child has a normal love for discovering the unknown. Anxiety is accompanied by this search into the unknown. But it is better for the child than to be subjected to a tyrannical and protective love. Parents should not exaggerate the dangers of life. Thus, our first task is to help a child have confidence in himself and be able to rely upon himself in all circumstances.


To make a child timid is very bad. Every person needs to pass through the various phases of life. They must face the difficulties and must gather experiences and it is normal that anxieties occur. The future adaptation of a child depends on his present adaptation, on his proper discovery of life and the growth of his individual personality.


Anxiety in children can also be reduced by introducing them to yoga and meditation techniques. Be a good parent to your child and make him or her happy today!






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