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Karma And Retrograde Planets

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Retrograde planets are said to have a strong connection with your good and bad Karma. Know the effect of retrograde motion on your life and its corresponding Karmic effect.


Retrograde PlanetsA tired and angry William knocked on the door of a luxury hotel. A famous astrologer was visiting the city this week and was staying in that hotel suite. The door opened and a well dressed man greeted him. It was none other than the astrologer, dressed in a jeans and striped blue shirt.


After exchanging greetings, the astrologer requested William to wait. Sitting on the couch, William was thinking about how his life had ended up becoming such a mess. He had started his job as the best performer and had a romantic relationship. He was financially stable and was on a total joy ride every day. But suddenly, out of nowhere, his boss got changed and the new boss cornered him which puzzled William.


His girlfriend got married to someone else and he started spending his money on alcohol. He developed severe depression, resigned his job and was now sitting on the couch of the famous astrologer to find a solution for his problem.


Retrograde Planet AstrologyThe astrologer came and sat opposite him.


Astrologer: “You look sad and tired, young man. What makes you come to meet me at 9 PM?”


William briefed about his recent twists and turns of his life to the astrologer. Astrologer asked for his birth chart, which William had brought beforehand. After taking a look at his natal chart, the astrologer heaved a huge sigh.


Astrologer: “Actually, you have a natal Venus retrograde and natal Saturn retrograde in your natal chart. This is the reason for the failure of your relationship. Also you are currently going through Mars retrograde, which will continue for another month. Also you might enter into Saturn retrograde soon and that would last for another five months. So it is better that you do not take any urgent steps in your career or life at the moment. “


Planets In AstrologyWilliam: “Well. What is the reason? Why should a planet influence my life? What is a retrograde?”


Astrologer: (laughs) “Let me explain it to you. When you look up at the night sky, the planet seems to move in forward direction. But at times, the planet might stop going forward and then starts going backward returning to go forward again. Astronomically, this is due to orbital differences between the planets and Earth. But these planets denoted as Rx going back for a certain period of time are said to have bad influence on the person, whether it is at the time of his birth or when it occurs.


In your birth chart, you were born during a Venus retrograde. So, you will have difficulty in finding true love in your life. Also Saturn retrograde during your birth has resulted in powerful people above you abusing you for their needs. When you have Jupiter retrograde during your birth, then your thoughts will be out of box and you will have broader philosophy of life. 


When you have a Neptune retrograde in your birth, then you might daydream a lot which might inhibit your work. Natal Mercury retrograde can limit your communication skills. People with natal Uranus retrograde are rebellious. Natal Mars retrograde deals with internal battle while Pluto natal regression gives you control over situations.”


William: “Oh no! Can’t I get my love again? What about my current situation?”


World AstrologyAstrologer: “As you are going through a Mars retrograde now, you might get depressed very quickly. When Pluto retrograde occurs, you will rebuild stuff. Neptune retrograde brings out your creative potential while Uranus retrograde makes you stubborn. Saturn retrograde limits your creativity in doing things.


Jupiter retrograde allows you to look at the inner meaning of life. Mars retrogrades sends you into an internal struggle. Venus retrograde makes you feel down in a relationship and Mercury retrograde causes misunderstanding in communication.”


William: “What about Sun and Moon? Aren’t they too planets used in astrology predictions?”


Astrologer: “Sun and Moon do not have retrograde motion. Only Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto undergo retrograde motion. Also the time gap between retrograde and direct motion and time period of retrograde motion varies for each planet.


PlanetsMercury retrogrades for three weeks period with a time gap of four months. Venus retrogrades for six weeks with a time gap of 18 months. Mars retrogrades for 10 months with a time gap of two years.


Jupiter retrogrades for four months each year. Saturn retrogrades for 18 weeks each year. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde for five months every year. “


William: “So what can I do to escape the ill effects of these retrograde periods?”


The astrologer explained to him about the steps to take to shield William from the worst effects from a retrograde planet. William stood up and thanked him. And he left the room happily.


Now that you know the influence that retrograde planets have on one’s current Karma in their professional and personal life, take extra precautions in making all important decisions at the right time.


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