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Graphology and Lover's Personality

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Handwriting AnalysisFor nearly three centuries, the ruling families of Europe ordered that the handwriting of royal couples, who are about to be engaged, be scrutinized by the royal graphologist. It was believed that these graphologists after scrutinizing the handwriting samples would give their opinions on whether the intendeds were actually meant for each other or not!


Now, on the basis of various styles of handwriting let us analyze what type of clues they reveal.




The slant handwriting expresses the intense mental feelings of the individual and indicates how these feelings are controlled.





Straight up-and-down handwriting is a clue to a personality that keeps emotions under average control. Feelings of emotions - joy, fear, humiliation, exaltation and others – take second place to thinking.

Handwriting that slants to the left indicates a higher level of introspection than at the vertical. At times they may appear to be cold and rigid. They maintain a tight control over their emotions.

Writing which slanted slightly to the right expresses more vivacity within the writer. They can show and talk about their emotions without excessive inhibition.



Next comes the determination of handwriting pressures, which is how firmly or gently the writer wields the writing instruments. Pressure, at the time of writing can be of three types: heavy pressure, moderate pressure and light pressure. This clearly indicates the individual's personality and ways of coping with stress.


Heavy pressure indicates the writer is physically and mentally over agitated by stressful situations. The writer may be highly excited by appetites and desires.


Moderate pressure denotes that the writer has the ability to cope up with life’s stressful situations in balanced ways and without long, lingering anxiousness.


Light pressure indicates, stress hardly bothers the writer. They cope lightly with life’s business and few situations ‘bother’ them. Extremely light pressure indicates minimal energy expenditure is a way of life.






Size is one of the most important aspects in determining handwritings. The size of handwritings may be of three types: small, medium and large.




Small writing indicates an ability to concentrate. It also focuses the mental energy of the writer and shows how much attention he pays to details. The intensity to write so small tends to rub off on all other traits.


Medium is the size in which most of us write.


Large writing indicates an urge towards expansion in some areas, including a desire for space, for attention and for theatricality. With an equally large signature, large writing is a sign of exaggerated self-worth.




Some people do have the habit of writing texts very muddily with all the letters and words mudded with ink. In such cases there is room for concern.




Muddy writing indicates the possibility of excessive appetites i.e. drugs or food or addictions and other medical problems.


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