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Why Not To Get Angry

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Manage Anger‘Anger’, the pronunciation of this word conjures up fearful and unpleasant images in our mind; an emotion which we generally associate with senses of abuse, hurt, violence and destruction. The symptoms of anger are not just to be found in our emotions, but also in our bodies, mind and behavior as well.


Now, the exact nature of an individual’s response to hurt and frustrations in his life varies from person to person. There are three basic things which can affect an outburst of our anger. They are:

  • Threat, hurt, violence and frustration.
  • Damage or frustration and there causes.
  • The likelihood of the trigger to anger: for example, a British may react phlegmatically to a late train, than the people who live in countries where trains are invariably late.






Let us take a quick glance of what bodily changes take place, when the emotion of anger arouses us physically:


  • Respiration deepens.
  • The heart beats more rapidly.
  • Blood pressure rises.
  • The pupils dilate.
  • The digestive processes are suspended.
  • The glucose is freed from the reserves in our liver.
  •  The spleen contracts and discharges its content of concentrated corpuscles.
  • Cortisol production is increased in order to depress the immune system.




Thus, a state of anger very obviously, raises our blood pressure and exerts an unnatural strain on our body and the internal organs. Research done over the last 20 years show that serious damage definitely occurs if we allow ourselves to be hyper, and keep our bodies working at emergency levels for long period. Moreover suppressed and sustained anger can damage our health seriously. From research evidences till date, it has been proved that sustaining psychological state of anger can:

  • Cause digestive disorders such as ulcers and gastritis.
  • Create hypertension.
  • Raise cholesterol levels.
  • Damage and block arteries.
  • Aggravate heart disease.
  • Intensify pain.
  • Exacerbate bowel conditions such as colitis.
  • Create headaches.
  • Contribute to inflammatory disorders of muscles.
  • Hinder our recovery from major traumas.
  • Cause serious illness such as cancer and aids.




Stress Healing


It is very commonly heard that people generally blame their physical health and its condition for the outburst of the emotions. But this should be stopped. Blaming our bodies for the outburst of our anger must be stopped genuinely.


Health conditions only assist us in managing our emotions. Our bodies merely act as vessels for containing and as vehicles for expressing our emotions at various stages of life – and we, as civilized and literate human beings can very well let our head rule over our body and emotions.


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