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What Is Karma?

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What is Karma? Get an insight into the good and bad Karma in your life. know more about your Karmic astrology and numerology numbers that influence your actions.


Karma MeaningJohn was the hope of their life. He was born to Sarah and Stephen after their eight years of marriage. But after few months, John started showing symptoms of some serious illness. Soon, the doctor discovered it as a nervous disorder and John had to be on the wheelchair for the rest of his life.


The couple was shattered and after approaching many doctors, they went to a psychic medium. Stephen and Sarah were sure that they had never done anything wrong in their lifetime and John could not have done any harm as he was just two years old kid. So they thought this might be due to John’s Karma.


Karma DefinitionKarma is Sanskrit word for Action. The concept of Karma is the base of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Even the Western world has accepted the Karma concept. Karma is the actions that you have done in your past birth or that you do in the current birth that will be the deciding factor of your current birth/next births. Karma couples with the concept of Reincarnation in explaining the reasons for your success or miseries in your life.


Karma can be explained by means of mystic proverbs such as ‘Whatever you sow, you reap them’ or ‘What goes around, comes around’ or by means of scientific laws as ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposition reaction”.

Karma is related to the word Samsara which means to flow. It means the soul flows from one physical body to another as long as it is burdened by the Karma. Once the Karma burden is zero, the soul reaches the creator. Soul is the non-physical existence of person, while Body is his physical existence.


Ancient people believed that the Soul was created by God and then it enters the physical world. Based on its Karma, it either degrades to animal or takes form again as human or enters the creator’s abode again. The soul enjoys or suffers based on its Karma of previous births. And based on its current wrongdoings or helping, the next births are decided.


And it is generally believed that doing bad Karma can result in inferior living in next birth and doing good Karma takes you a step towards God. If you have no pending Karma, then you can attain Moksha, wherein you meet the God and are freed from taking successive births.


Past life is summation of all the lives that the soul had taken till its current birth. The psychic medium used his clairvoyant abilities to summon some invisible people in the room. Then he started talking to the couple. He told them that the reason for John’s suffering in this current birth is due to the sins that he had committed in his previous birth. He even went to the extent of telling that John was a landlord in his previous birth and had ordered the legs of workers to be broken, if they fail to appear for work in his farms. This is the reason for him being in a wheelchair in this birth. The couple was convinced that it might be also their past life sins that has made them to suffer seeing their son in a wheelchair.


Good And Bad KarmaThe medium told him that they can find about the past lives by the use of Karmic Astrology and Karmic Numbers. Karmic astrology deals with the past lives and not about the present or future of a person. It addresses the Why of a person instead of what. One needs to look at the natal horoscope with an intention to view their past lives.


Karmic Numbers are the numbers that are obtained from the name of a person. It is believed that the name of a person has connection with his previous birth and the numbers that are lacking in the current birth is the Karmic Debt Number. The Karmic number analysis is obtained by adding the numbers related to consonants in a name and then reducing it to single digit. This single digit is your Karmic number.


Karmic debts number reading is related to the Karma that you had failed to do in your previous births. They are 10,13,14,16 and 19. Number 10 in your name marks the completion of your destiny, while 13, 14, 16 and 19 marks the failure of your Karma in your past lives. While estimating the Destiny number, if you end up with Karmic debt numbers, you need to stop there and that reads your past lives Karma.


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