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Libra - The Balance: Zodiac Personality

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Libra Zodiac - The BalanceAlmost everything needs to be 'weighed in the balance' for the pure Libran. Apart form the Librans, no other astrological sign has such a strong sense of balance, justice and fair play. This nature of the Libra can, sometimes result in them behaving in a positively miserly manner. And this tendency to balance every minute thing often extends beyond money values. As usual, they tend to have a well balanced religious and political thinking.


Sexuality and Emotions:

Libra is the sign of the zodiac which is ruled by the planet Venus - the planet of love. Pure Librans, male or female tend to have many supposedly feminine qualities like gentleness, a romantic nature, a natural taste for beautiful objects and so on. This sexual behavior of Libra, sometimes results in a strongly Libran man being regarded as slightly effeminate, when this is not the case in reality. Male as well as female Librans possess a great charm which arouses feelings of affection, love and emotion in many of the cases they encounter. One of the main faults of the Librans is that they let their heart rule their head.


General Character:

The pure Libra zodiac person sometimes gains a reputation of being lazy. He/she will write to a friend or relative who is in difficulty tomorrow rather than today. Usually this procrastination results not from laziness but from a chronic inability to make decisions, due to the fact that a Libran is always able to see the pros cons of a given course of action and he/she feels that everything is  finely balanced. A notable character of the pure Librans is their intense dislike for quarrels, arguments and disputes. At times he/she will so meticulously avoid these types of situations that others are left with an impression that they are weak and timid individuals. But it is notable that an iron hand often lies concealed within the Libra's gentle and warm behavior.




Libra Star SignLife Style:

Comfort and luxury are the perfect keywords which describes the typical Libran life style. Librans of either sex are very affectionate towards their family, relatives and friends. At home they are lovers of a peaceful and relaxing environment. They are generally not the social animal. Libra is the most desired sign of the zodiac. They are basically good looking, charming, friendly and also helpful. They are the best judge amongst all the other zodiac signs.


Career / Professions:

Librans are rarely happy with their career and professions which involves constant dispute and decision making. But it is not so that they are invariably unsuccessful in such type of jobs, but the processes involved in weighing up the several pros and cons cause them serious mental agony. Provided that no serious and frequent decision making is called for, the Librans are happy with working on almost everything. Moreover, the pure Librans generally prefer working under a calm and pleasant environment. Comfort is something which they count on very much at the workplace. Their office needs to provide them the maximum comfort with a neat and tidy work zone, freshly cut flowers and relaxing seating arrangements.




Best Career Options:

1. Academic advisor.

2. Agent.

3. Architect.

4. Artist.

5. Musician.

6. Mediator.

7. Lawyer.


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