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3 Kinds Of Occult Powers

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Wicca PaganAs per the Bible:

"A man or woman who calls upon spirits or fortune-tellers or magicians shall be put to death by stoning; their blood is upon them... anyone who turns to mediums and fortune-tellers or magicians prostitutes himself by following them, I will set my face against him, and will cut him off from the people”


The term 'Occult' has been derived from the Latin word 'Occultus' which means hidden or unknown. Thus the word 'Occult' means the 'knowledge of the unknown.' It is one of the oldest known religions in the world. The gaining of power from supernatural sources is the basis of Occult.




Occult is of three kinds:

1. Spiritism

2. Divination, and

3. Magic




A brief discussion of the above types is as follows:

Magic And Occult1. Spiritism: As the name implies 'Communication with the death' is Spiritism. The receipt of information and help from the spirits or the dead forms the basis of the practice of Spiritism.


2. Divination: Divination is the other name for the practice of fortune telling and astrology. The various forms of divination like Tarot Cards, astrology, clairvoyance, psychic foresee the upcoming events and shapes out our future accordingly.


3. Magic: This should not be confused with the magic performed by the magicians. This 'Magic' controls our life, the past, present and the future with the help of spells that are believed to have supernatural powers. Witchcraft, black magic, white magic are some of the types of magic having supernatural powers.




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