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5 Forms Of Tarot Reading

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Tarot Cards DivinationTarot cards can imbibe some characteristics from other methods of divination such as Zodiac, Numerology, Color, Runes and I-Ching. Let’s look at tarot readings and its correspondences with the other divination methods.

Tarot cards are used in divination practices across the world and are used to predict the past, present and future of a person seeking it. Tarot cards originally started as playing cards in the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe. Later mystic fortune tellers developed it as a method of divination.

Tarot And Zodiac Signs: Tarots and zodiac have been linked to predict what and when of a person seeking their future. There are 12 zodiac signs and 78 tarot cards. Of this, the 12 zodiac signs are linked to 12 Major Arcana cards and 36 Minor Arcana cards. The rest of the cards are linked to the planets. By linking tarot card with a sign, you get to know more about what is bound to happen and when it will happen.

By picking up a tarot cards and reading its associated zodiac attributes, you can get wider knowledge of the person sitting before you. For example, the Major Arcana tarot card Star is associated with zodiac sign Aquarius. Also if you get six of swords in Minor Arcana tarot set, then also Aquarius is your Zodiac.

Chines Yin Yang I ChingThe Minor Arcana card signs are also related to the four elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. And zodiac signs are also divided based on the four elements. It can also be observed that the 2s, 3s and 4s of Minor Arcana can be shared with Cardinal zodiac signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Similar to these, each of tarot cards is shown to be corresponding with zodiac signs.

Tarot And I Ching: I Ching is a Chinese divination method. It is based on a book printed with 64 hexagrams. Chinese people consult the book as a means of fortune telling Oracle and based on the hexagram they see, the associated text is taken as prediction for their future. These I-Ching hexagrams can also be consulted by inscribing them to cards or stones and picking one by casting.


There is a close correspondence to I-Ching and tarot reading. The I-Ching hexagrams can be related to the tarot cards like 61st hexagram which stands for Inner truth can be related to the Sun tarot card. The 22nd hexagram which stands for Grace can be linked to King of Pentacles and King of Wands tarot cards.

Tarot Card FoolTarot And Numerology: Tarot cards are numbered and every number has a influence on the happenings in this world. Numbers have a combination with names and colors and this relationship can cause the vibration to change into good or bad for a person.  You can sum up the numbers in the tarot cards to end up with single digit. These single digits have high significance to the tarot reader, based on the tarot card he chooses. For example, if you receive the Fool card, then the related number is zero. Zero signifies beginning and ending and it shows some work that will begin or end in your life.

Tarot And Color: You might wonder, why there are colors in tarot cards. Yes, tarot cards come packed with different colors like yellow, red, blue, green, etc. It might not be colored that way without any hidden meaning in it. You would be amazed to find that each tarot card has a specific color attribute attached to it.

For example, the Magician card is painted in Yellow color and so the card can share the characteristics of Yellow color. Priestess card is in blue color, while Chariot is in Orange color. All the Wand cards are in red color, Cups in blue, Swords in yellow and Pentacles in green. Each of the color adds more details to the card being chosen.

Tarot And Runes: Runes were method of divination supposed to have developed based on the Norse mythology. And Norse was in Europe which is also the birthplace of Tarot cards. So it is natural that there might be a link between these two methods of divination.


Rune Stone Divination

For example, the Rune stone inscription Fehu is associated with the tarot card Tower and Hermit card is related with rune Isa. Based on the rune stone characteristic, the predictions can be done for the Tarot card being chosen.

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