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3 Famous Vedic Fortune Tellers

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Shri HanumanVedic Fortune Tellers have been used since ancient times with the purpose of predicting the future and helping people with their advice and wisdom. Read on to know more about the popular Oracles from around the world and also the Hindu fortune tellers such as Ram Prashnavali, Hanuman Chalisa and Nakshatra Predictions.

Oracles were famous in ancient Greek and Roman Empire. There were temples built that housed an oracle who would deliver messages about the future to the kings and noble men. One of the famous Oracles was Pythia. Pythia was chosen from a group of female priestesses.


Pythia usually sat in a cave and thought upon the question cast, inhaled vapors from gaps in the cave and made sounds. Priests would sit near Pythia and translate those utterances to an understandable form to the people asking the questions. Generally, the Oracle would answer in a vague manner and people would interpret the answer according to their needs.

shri ramOther than Pythia of Greece, there were Oracles in ancient China too. They used IChing among other Divination methods to predict the fortune of people. Tibetans still have a female oracle who they consult for predictions on every New Year.

There were Oracles in India too. Most of women in South India allow their Goddess to speak through them. The women would start by meditating and chanting the verses praising the Goddess and then would speak to the person before them predicting what has happened to him and what will happen to him in the future.

But there are Oracles in Hinduism that do not need divine energy. Some of the more popular ones are Ram Prashnavali, Hanuman Chalisa and Nakshatra Fortune Prediction.

Ram Prashnavali consists of a matrix of Hindi letters and one has to close his eyes and keep a finger on one letter. Then, they have to move nine alphabets to the right and note down the Hindi alphabet on paper. They have to note down letters as they move across the matrix till they reach the starting point. This answer shown by the fortune teller will surely be one of the verses of Ram Charita Manas (pictured right).


Vedic Fortune TellingRamCharitaManas is Hindi poem penned by Tulsidas. Each of the verse has some significant influence on your current life. And the verse that you have chosen blindly needs to be taken as God’s indirect message to you.

Hanuman Chalisa prediction is also similar. Hanuman chalisa is poem written Tulsidas, more like a prayer to the Lord Hanuman. Based on what situation or problem you face, the Hanuman Chalisa has a Verse that will pose as a solution to your problem.

You must know about birth star or Nakshatra prediction, if you follow and believe in Vedic astrology. A Nakshatra oracle can help you with its accurate astrological predictions based on your birth star and the Nakshatra of the day you ask the question. This is a form of horary astrology that can act as an accurate fortune teller.

Thus these fortune telling methods can help people overcome obstacles and lead a happy life.







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