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Daily Horoscopes That Predict Your Day's Fortune

Article posted on March 18, 2013 and it has been read by 7186 people

Daily HoroscopeYou might have seen daily horoscopes in daily newspapers. They carry the predictions for your sun signs. They carry the same prediction for a particular zodiac sign and so can be generalized for all people sharing the same sun sign. But you can have specific predictions for a particular day by using daily fortune tellers such as Tarot cards, Cartomancy, I Ching, Numerology and Runes.

Tarot cards were initially used as playing cards in the 14th century Europe. But later esoteric groups consulted it as a method of fortune telling or divination. Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, with 22 cards depicted under Major Arcana and 56 cards of Minor Arcana. Usually tarot cards are used to read the future and tell about the past of a person seeking a tarot reading. But tarot can be read for daily predictions too.


Daily Tarot ReadingYou have to shuffle the cards in a daily tarot card reading and then place these cards upside down - one tarot card for Love, second for Touchstone and third for Career. When you get Moon for touchstone and temperance card for Love, then you might be throwing a surprise party to your family that day. When you get Devil for career, it means you might be facing some problems in your professional life that day.

Playing CardsCartomancy is the method of divination which involves using the normal playing cards to reveal the future of person who seeks it. Like tarot cards reading, you have to choose a card and it foretells your fortune. For example, if you choose a card and it turns out to be Queen of Hearts, then your cartomancy reading predicts that you will be a person who would bestow people with love and affection. You might hide your wounds and give happiness to people around you.

I ChingI Ching is Chinese fortune telling method that uses 64 hexagrams to foretell the fortune of a person. Based on the hexagram that you choose, your predictions can be foretold. Like playing cards used for daily prediction, I Ching too can be used for predicting your daily fortunes. Suppose you get 62nd hexagram which stands for Attention to Detail, then you need to give more attention to even small matters. So you have to concentrate on small things that might make you succeed on that day.

NumerologyNumerology deals with numbers and days are nothing but numbers. So numerology has more affinity to daily predictions. All you have to do is to enter your date of birth and the daily numerology reading is generated for you. This number is known as the Personal Day number and changes on a daily basis.

Runes which are stone inscriptions can be best used for daily predictions. Runes reading help in solving many day to day problems and issues. For example, if you cast a rune today and you get Ansuz, then you might attain knowledge from a person having higher wisdom. Today might be the day of higher awareness for you.

So what are you waiting for? Try out the different unique daily horoscopes that forecast today’s fortune instantly!







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