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5 Unique Fortune Telling Predictions

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Different popular fortune telling methods using psychic abilities started as early as the civilizations thrived in Persia and Egypt and it travelled to the most parts of Europe through the gypsies. You must have seen people making tents in exhibitions or even have an online website through which they tell your future fortunes. They use various methods to find out the future of a person asking them. One of them is Tarot cards.


Tarot Reading Fortune

Tarot cards started as a game of playing cards in the 15th century. But later, esoteric cults took it up for fortune telling purposes. These Rider Waite cards are a set of 78 cards, of which 22 cards which have cards like the Magician or High Priestess or Hanged man constitute the Major Arcana and if they show up, they stand for some major incident in the person’s life.

The rest 56 constitute the Minor Arcana and have fourteen sets of cards each belonging to Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords.  The reader shuffles and places the tarot cards in some pattern and the person who has asked for their predictions would wait for the tarot reader to read those cards.

Usually, the tarot reader shuffles the pack and arranges the cards in different patterns, called Spreads. The most common spreads are the Celtic Cross and Horse-shoe spreads, while other spreads like Tetracyts, Star spread and astrological spreads do exist.

Based on what cards the seeker chooses, the reader would predict the future of the person and also guess his past and present.


For example, if a person gets Ace of Wands while his tarot is being read, it denotes beginning of something good or something that the person may create. When a person gets Hermit, then it shows that he is doing inner search and remains quiet and in solitude.



Crystall Ball Fortune TellingNext is the Crystallomancy method better known to the common man as Crystal Gazing. You would have seen this in most of the movies and also in cartoon series. The scenes would normally show an old woman moving her hands around a translucent glass globe, which has some gas filled inside.

As the woman tries to focus on the glass for the seeker, the person who wants his future to be read, she sees some scene or faces or places that might be of interest to the seeker. From this, she can ascertain the future of the seeker and then convey it to him/her in understandable manner.

When you mix the power of your intuitive senses to get in touch with people without touching them physically with the methods of fortune telling, what you get is the psychic reading. Psychic reading involves finding the future of a person by using the special psychic powers such as clairvoyance (ability to get hold of events beyond human senses). One of the famous methods of psychic reading is the Aura reading.

Auras are believed to be a field of radiation around every person. People with psychic powers can read this aura and can tell the character and future of the seeker. In modern days, people have used their psychic powers to predict the future of people who seek through telephones, SMS and E-mails. This is called Distant Readings. Other famous methods are palm reading, rune reading and casting stones.

Chinese Chen TungHave you heard of Suan Ming? If not, then it is the Chinese fortune telling method. Chinese have practiced their own forms of fortune telling, in parallel to the Western fortune telling methods. They use face reading, to predict the current phase of a person by reading his facial patterns. Next is Kau Cim, in which fortune teller shakes the bamboo sticks holder which houses incense sticks with Chinese inscription on it. Based on the incense that falls down, the teller reads the inscriptions and tells the fortune for Chinese year.


But the most famous Chinese fortune telling method is the Ba Zi. This method relies on the four pillars of destiny, which is hour, date, month and year of birth.  Based on these four pillars, the fortune of a person is predicted.

Fortune telling using psychic abilities can help predict your future, thus making you aware of obstacles and preparing you to overcome all difficulties.






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