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The 3 Minor Planets In Astrology

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Minor PlanetsWe have read a lot about the major planets in the night sky and its influence on our lives. The major planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (including Sun and Moon). They are visible clearly to the naked eye and it is possible that people of the ancient ages had easily observed their path in calculating the horoscope of a person.


But there are minor planets which are smaller than major planets, but still have a strong influence on our lives. Though these are not visible to the naked eye, they still rule our horoscopes. Some of the important minor planets in our astrology are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although Pluto was recently demoted from the position of planets, astrologers still treat it as a planet.


Let us look at each of these minor planets and the effect they have in our lives.


UranusUranus: This planet which is next to Saturn in our solar system is recognized as an ‘Awakener’ in astrology because its transit causes a sudden change. This minor planet rules the zodiac sign Aquarius and normally stays in a sign for seven years. When this planet makes a transit into your birth sign, then you might have chances of going into or getting liberated from chaos. The transit of Uranus breaks your shackles that stop you from fulfilling your destiny. Even though this planet’s influence is disruptive, it can add a positive note to your life.




NeptuneNeptune: Next is the planet Neptune which keeps crossing the orbit of Pluto. Astrologically, Neptune takes around fourteen years of stay in a sun sign. Presence of Neptune influences a generation. Like Neptune who was the Roman God of sea, our thoughts too go deep and we see a new horizon in our mind when this planet stays in our sign. Also, presence of Neptune makes it hard to split illusion from reality. It also points to how one expresses their imagination through creativity.




PlutoPluto: Here comes the outermost planet or dwarf planet, of our solar system. Pluto was recently discovered in the early years of 20th century and within a century, it lost its status as a planet. Even though astronomers consider it as dwarf planet, astrologers still seek the blessing of Pluto as a planet. Pluto has potential of firing up fellow planets during its transit over different star signs.


This planet has tendency to burn lies and bring out truth from the darkness. Pluto changes you into a completely new person, not bothered whether you are ready to accept the change or not. Even when your ego holds you rooted to a decision, presence of Pluto in your natal chart can energize you to change your path and emerge as new person. Pluto is analogous to a dark and tough teacher, who punishes you so that you can do better in your life.


Unlike the major planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury), the minor planets (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) are far away from the sun and thus take a much longer time to complete one revolution through the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Thus there is a stronger influence of these minor planets on an individual’s life.




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