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Test Your Love With The I Ching

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I Ching Yin YangI-Ching or Yi Jing is an oracle book - a book that is consulted in order to obtain advice and answer to questions. It has been the oldest and ancient form of fortune telling in China which is being practiced for over thousand years. It is one of the world's oldest oracle book an also an instinctive decision making tool.


Today a large number of people regularly consult the I Ching whenever they are perplexed. The relationship guidance given by the oracle book has been found to be very stimulating and helpful by the people who come as help-seekers. These days I-Ching is considered to be a personality in itself, a wise friend always ready to give off its wisdom to those who seek it.




Love CompatibilityI Ching advocates the idea of change. The relationship between couples can also be understood with the help of I-Ching. Relationship between the opposites is basically represented by Yang and Yin.


Yang corresponds to creative, active, expansive force, while Yin corresponds to receptive, mutable, contracting form. For the purpose of attaining and enjoying a well balanced, peaceful and a harmonious relationship, the Yang Yin needs to be balanced. The unbroken lines (--------------) represents Yang and the broken lines (----- ------) indicates Yin.




However, one thing needs to be well understood that unlike the other oracle books, the I-Ching does not make any hard & fast predictions about the future. It can help you in the following ways:


a. making decisions that logic cannot handle.

b. to reduce stress and strain.

c. management of emotional and sensitive relationships and office.

d. access a creative insight.




All together the I-Ching has discusses about 64 situations. Each of the situations is represented by a hexagram which consists 6 broken or unbroken lines. Once the hexagram is generated, the meaning is understood by consulting the oracle book. The compatibility reading comprises of three parts:

1. The Judgment:
A short description about the hexagram and its underlying meaning is discussed in this section. Suggestions as to what actions need to be taken are also provided here.

2. The Image:
This is also similar to the Judgment but gives us a course of action that needs to be undertaken.

3. The Changing Lines:
These lines represent the changes that may occur in your life, the present and future, opportunities and dangers that you may have to overcome.


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