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5 Effective Holistic Treatments

Article posted on December 7, 2012 and it has been read by 10072 people

Alternative healing techniques have been used since the ancient ages. Read on to know more about some of the holistic healing methods like reflexology, music therapy, crystal healing, herbal healing and Ayurveda treatments.


Reflexology treatment involves applying pressure on the feet and relieving the patient of stress, thereby improving his health condition. It is believed that all the nerves of the body end in the soles of your feet and palms. And applying pressure on these nerve ends regulate the functioning of organs and increase blood flow to them. This treatment is popular among the Scandinavian countries.




Another preferred treatment for depression and nervous problems is the usage of Music Therapy. By this process, a trained music therapist plays music varying in mood and reads the patient on how they respond. This helps a lot in finding their state of mind and then a treatment is suggested. Music therapy is said to help patients with diseases such as amnesia, Alzheimer, schizophrenia, depression and epilepsy.




There is a pseudoscientific practice of natural healing called Crystal Healing. In this, the therapist places a crystal on the energy points in the body, known as 7 Chakras. It is believed that an energy grid formed by these crystals would cure the patient.


AyurvedaOne of the most prevalent and most ancient methods of natural healing is Herbal Healing. Quantities of herbs are mixed in right proportions and are then served to patient either in liquid, powder or in vapor state. Most of the modern pharmaceutical medicines have the herbs as the source. So, herbal healing is nearly as efficient as industry-based drugs. Use of herbal healing dates back to 5th century BC and ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Indians and Greek have mastered this form of natural healing long back.




One of the most used methods of natural healing is Ayurveda. Ayurveda which has its roots in India is used as a primary method of medication by around 80% of the Indian population. Ayurvedic methods were mentioned in the Vedas and also in Susruta Samhita & Charaka samhita (Susruta and Charaka were famous Indian sages who pioneered in the field of ancient medicine).


Now that you know more about different types of alternative healing techniques, choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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