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Leo: Pets For Your Zodiac

Article posted on July 16, 2012 and it has been read by 9670 people

Leo ZodiacLeos have an ambitious and energetic nature. On occasion, they will wish to relax in the luxuries of life. Not getting the opportunity to relax whenever they want to makes them irritable. Moreover, Leos are always confident, proud and egoistic persons. In general, Leos are wonderful leaders and very loyal and faithful servants.


It is very difficult for the Leo zodiac sign people to accept the fact, that he/she will not be in a commanding position be it their home or office. He/she is genuinely convinced of having superior qualities than anybody else. The most infuriating characteristic of a Leo is that they are often not right in either their work or decisions.


The wrong decisions taken by the Leo at the wrong time and the wrong place hampers many people at a single go. The plain fact is that, the Leo not only believes that they should be the decision maker, but also that they are very good at it and take the correct decision. Moreover Leos are basically very short-tempered people.




Leo PetsThe Leo horoscope predicts that the pure Leo is well known for his/her strong commanding personality and thus always stands out in the crowd. He/she either dominates or, if resisted endeavors to dominate, not being afraid to try a little bullying. A Leo is the pure extrovert, outgoing, sociable and a determining personality. They just love to be the life and soul of any party. Once the Leos are in a dominating position, they find it difficult to step out of the limelight.


Gorgeous and alien are the keywords, which best describes the kind of pets the Leo people prefer to keep. This is so because the Lions are basically royal by nature. They always love to be under the limelight wherever they go. Thus in order to match the Lion personality, the pets of the Leo too needs to be majestic and unusual.


The Leo pets have to be elegant by nature but at the same time it should also possess a childish heart, be jolly, playful and even be the ‘run-of-the-mill breed.’ Longhaired Bull Mastiff is supposedly the best pet for the Leo people.


Piglet Pets



Capricorn zodiac sign influences your pet zone. As such you may find animals with elegant horns and cloven hoofs appealing. Being a bit old fashioned and traditional in your approach of keeping pets, the purebred animals with an excellent status attracts you.


Like your expansive and royal personality, you love large and strong animals to the short and fluffy ones. When it comes to training your pets, the Leo persons do it well and try their level best to make their pets well mannered, trustworthy, faithful and loyal. The animals, which prove to be the best pets for the perfect Leos are bears, moles, goats, crocodiles, adders, toads, tortoises and eels.

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