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Can Astrology Help In Diagnosing Diabetes?

Article posted on June 29, 2012 and it has been read by 11761 people

The excellent mixture of art, craft and science is what is known as Astrology. The subject remains mysterious and has no ends, no matter how much of knowledge is acquired on the same. This characteristic of astrology makes it an interesting science. No science or art is more interesting, instructive and useful to mankind in contributing to advancement than the magnificent science of Astrology.


Early man used to consider Astrology as one of the ancient forms of metaphysical science. And till date some still do believe it. Astrologers know by studies that each Sun Sign reflects a symbolical uniqueness to each of us. Perfunctory investigation reveals the sincere possibilities for health determinations. Astrological remedies are the age old practice which have remained a complicated as well as a mysterious practice even today. The astrological remedy is a part of the Vedic astrology which has its roots in the ancient Vedas.


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Medical astrology is a vast branch of astrology. The purpose of this particular branch is to analyze and predict the different planetary influences which cause various diseases, accidents and afflictions. It is with the help of this study, that it is possible to predict health problems which a person may come across during his lifetime. This article highlights the fact that diseases like diabetes too, can be predicted based upon the planetary positions in your chart.






The following are the eight planetary combinations which denote that a person may be prone to be a diabetic patient:


  • If Venus and Jupiter have connections with malefic planets and the 8th house is occupied with the malefic effect of a different planet.
  • The malefic effects of Moon and Jupiter in the 8th house of bhava of your chart.
  • Venus and Jupiter having association and aspects of malefic when the Ascendant sign is occupied by a malefic.
  • Venus with a malefic in 8th with aspects of a malefic.
  • Aspects of malefic on Lagna, the lord of Lagna in his depression or inimical sign and Venus in the 8th house. In this combination, instead of actual placement of Venus in the 8th house, his full aspect on the 8th bhava gives rise to Diabetes.
  • Rahu and the lord of the 8th house posited in the 8th bhava or in a Trikona cause diabetes.
  • Mercury is a sign of Jupiter aspected by Mars gives rise to the disease.
  • Venus in the 2nd house when the lord of the Ascendant is posited in the 6th bhava coinciding with his debilitation sign and when the rising sign is subjected to malefic aspects brings about this disease.


You may also compare astrology charts of other people projecting the following combinations:

Astrology Chart

1. Saturn afflicts Jupiter either by aspect.

2. Jupiter is in constellation of Saturn.

3. The Moon afflicted by Saturn.

4. Jupiter is Poorvashada constellation.

5. Saturn afflicts Cancer zodiac sign.

6. Jupiter afflicted by Rahu and Jupiter is in Rahu Constellation.




Thus, speaking astrologically, if the natal chart of a person along with the various planetary afflictions is carefully studied, then it is possible not only to diagnose susceptibility to diabetes, but several other diseases related to different glands can also be easily detected. There are Vedic astrology health charts that give you health predictions for all future ailments.


As per medical astrology, the sixth house is related to sickness, suffering and ill-health, the positive side of the health being governed by the lagna. The eighth house is the house of impediments, danger and mental pain and, in a sense, bears significance to ill-health and accidents. The twelfth house is familiar to us as the house of confinement, seclusion and sorrow. It embraces hospitals, sanatoria and similar institutions. The twelfth house also stands for environmental changes, such as moving to hospitals and nursing homes. In all matters connected with disease, body infirmity or accidents, these three astrological houses have an important role to play.


Try the free health calculators to get instant free online health astrology forecasts and diabetes risk assessment.


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