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Chakras - The Energy Centers

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Seven ChakrasThe 7 nerve centers along the spinal cord balancing our central nervous system and the endocrine are the Chakras. These are the energy nodes all through the body liable for the state of our mind, body and soul. As the name implies, Chakra controls the flow of energy throughout our body. They radiate diffeent levels of energy through vibrations depending on the physical and emotional state of the body.


The vibrations generated by these energy levels can be strong, hence it is necesary to keep all the chakras in balance. Chakras can be balanced or unbalanced. Each of the 7 chakra has its own significance in our lives. The energy and vibrations of all chakras is essential for a happy life. Thus balancing seven chakras is absolutely necessary for the good health of an individual.




Below Are The Seven Chakras:


1. Crown Chakra: The senses of unity and empathy are represented by this Chakra and are associated with our brain, head and the nervous system.

Location: Top of the Head.

Gland: Pineal Gland.

Color: Violet.


Om Meditation2. Throat Chakra: The aspects of receiving and expressing are represented by this Chakra and are associated with the audio sense of human body.

Location: Throat.

Gland: Thyroid gland.

Color: Sky Blue.


3. Brow Chakra: This Chakra is associated with our spirituality and represents the forehead and temple of the human body

Location: Central forehead.

Gland: Pituitary gland.

Color: Deep Blue.


4. Orange Chakra: Communication with the inner self and consciousness about food, health and sex are represented by this Chakra. The reproductive system and the organs associated with sex are attached to this Chakra

Location: Centre of abdomen.

Gland: Gonads.

Color: Orange.


chakra stones5. Heart Chakra: The sense of touch and the feelings of love, affection and relationship are represented with this Chakra. The heart, lungs, blood circulation are associated with this.

Location: Centre of heart.

Gland: Thymus gland.

Color: Green.


6. Solar Plexus: This Chakra represents the eyesight and the body parts associated with this Chakra are the skin, the stomach, the large intestine, the liver and other glands in the solar plexus area.

Location: Solar Plexus.

Chakra SymbolsGland: Yellow.

Color: Pancreas.


7. Root Chakra: Representing the sense of smell, this chakra is associated with the skeletal system, the prostrate gland in men and the nose.

Location: Between the anus and the sex organs.

Gland: Red.

Color: Adrenal gland.




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