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Therapeutic Remedies Of Gems

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Across the universe everybody is suffering from some disease or the other. The diseases may be chronic or infectious or a lifelong ailment. Pills and medicines may or may not be available for the cure of such diseases. As human beings we do have a kind of traditional faith in astrology and its various branches.


Though differences in opinion do persist among astrologers from the different corners of the world, but they all uniformly believe, that the cosmic effect of gemstones can, to some extent, cure various kinds of diseases.


Gems and Crystals


Cosmic ray effect on stones:



  1. Ruby: It has red cosmic rays; the gem is one which is ruled by the Sun. It can cure leprosy, ulcers, fevers, and heart and bone troubles. It warns people from all types of dangers. It increases dignity, passion in relationships, respect, and honor and ensures a high status life.
  2. Pearl: It has orange cosmic rays. It is a cold gem which is ruled by the Moon. It is a helpful gem for people who suffer from diseases like eye troubles, tuberculosis, hysteria, constipation and cardiac troubles. It increases the control of emotions in human beings.


  3. Coral: It has yellow cosmic rays. It is ruled by Mars. It helps to cure diabetes, mellitus, and eczema, impotency, jaundice and skin diseases. Coral leads to early marriages in a woman’s life and also protects her from widowhood.
  4. Emerald: It has green cosmic rays. It maintains friendship with marriage partners and also with business partners. It governs the abdomen, eyes, nose, throat, tongue and helps to cure nervous disability, influenza, headache, heart troubles, blood pressures and ulcers. It offers success and achievement in life.
  5. Yellow Sapphire: It has blue cosmic rays. It is a cold gem which is ruled by Jupiter. It helps to maintain good health and success in life. It helps to cure cholera, throat troubles, and abdominal complications and strengthens our life.
    Birthstones and Gems
  6. Diamond: It possesses indigo blue cosmic rays and is ruled by Venus. It empowers a person to get attracted to women folk. Good understanding is promoted with the help of diamond and it helps cure sexual disorders, delirium, diabetes, paralysis, gonorrhea and syphilis. Intellect of the mind is enhanced and the maintenance of luxurious life is ensured.
  7. Blue Sapphire: It has violet cosmic rays. Saturn is the planet which rules over the gem. In case of paralysis, nervous disorders, mental maladies, weakness, kidney, abdominal troubles this gem is very helpful. Utilization of sapphire changes the sudden improvement or deterioration in one’s life. It provides name, good reputation, wealth, longevity and stamina.


  8. Gomed: It has ultraviolet cosmic rays which are ruled by the dragon’s head or Rahu (north node of the moon). It helps to protect from obstacles, worries, tension and ill health. Appetite is increased as a result of this gem. All-round success in life is achieved.
  9. Cat’s Eye: It has infrared cosmic rays and is ruled by the Dragon’s tail or Ketu (south node of the moon). It is a hot gem and helps to protect everyone from the bite of insects and snakes. Permanent cure is given to those people who have skin troubles, cholera and small pox etc. Secret wealth is achieved by it and saves everyone from enemies.


Thus gemstone healing is one of the most effective forms of alternative medicine. Try it out now for yourself and be blessed with its positive effects.


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