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Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

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Unlike Western or Indian astrology, both based on the movements of the planets, the sun and the moon through the zodiac, the Chinese astrology or 'calendarism' as it is more popularly called is concerned only with the ancient agricultural calendar, based upon complex lunar cycles, and a sixty-fold sun/moon cycle.


Chinese Astrology Compatibility

The form of predicting the future on the basis of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is known as Chinese Astrology. The Chinese calendar has a sixty year cycle. Each year is signified by an animal and an element. There are five elements and twelve animals signs which give rise to the sixty year cycle.


Love and marriage are the two basic things in our lives that tend to fascinate us very easily. Compatibility is the prime word in a relationship. Love depends much on the manner how the two persons involved in a particular relationship get along with each other.


A certain quality or trait of your which seems to be attracting to you today may turn disgusting and intolerable tomorrow. However, the Chinese believe that as far as compatibility in a relationship is concerned couples who are born 4 years apart from each other are the most compatible. Unlike Western astrology, in Chinese astrology, the characteristic of a person born depends upon his/her year of birth.




The Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs are:


1. Dog

2. Dragon

3. Horse

4. Monkey

5. Pig

6. Ox

7. Rabbit

8. Rat

9. Rooster

10. Sheep

11. Snake

12. Tiger


In order to check out the level and degree of compatibility between a couple the studies of the Chinese astrology is an indispensable factor. It helps you to have an insight about the basic characteristic traits that you possess as an individual.




It also gives a detailed love prediction report on how well you will be able to carry on your relationship with your partner - your compatibility and love ranking. The Compatibility Report of a couple is derived from the analytical study of their horoscopes and this is possible only with the study of this particular branch of astrology.

Love Test

A free Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Test usually determines your Chinese zodiac sign from your date of birth. It gives a report that includes the positive and negative characteristics of each sign, your lucky colors, months and seasons, gemstone, element, energy, ruling planet and compatibility with other zodiac signs.


The ancient Chinese however believed that the animal signs - rat, monkey and dragon form a compatible set. The characteristic traits of each of them make them highly compatible with one another. However, horse, dog and tiger; rooster, ox and snake; and the rabbit, goat and pig are the other compatible sets.


Compatibility reports thus generated are highly accurate and interesting, giving an insight into one’s relationship.

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