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Zodiac Sign Aspects & Fixed Stars In Astrology

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Planets In AstrologyAspects in astrology along with decanates and fixed star predictions explain your current and future life to a much greater extent. Read on to know more in detail about these advanced astrological predictions.


Astrological aspects are the angles that the planets in a horoscope make with each other and with the four cardinal points of astrology. There are conjunctions, where the planets are apart from each other to a small degree. A Sextile aspect occurs when the planets in the birth chart are sixty degrees away from each other.


A square occurs when the planets are at right angles to each other. A trine occurs at 120 degree separation and an opposition is obvious, 180 degrees, half of the whole circular sky. There are other minor aspects. These astrological aspects play a major role in finding the crucial phase you might go into and also explains the current scenario you are in. But there are other aspects which too can play a role in predictions of your life.


Major Aspects In AstrologyAspect Between Zodiac Signs: There are twelve zodiac signs that occupy the whole sky. Each zodiac sign occupies 30 degrees of the sky and hence twelve signs occupy the 360 degrees of the whole sky. When the zodiac signs are at a gap of 60 degrees to each other, then those signs might be compatible with each other. Like Aries, Gemini and Aquarius are at Sextile with each other because Fire signs are compatible with Air.


When two signs are at an angle of 90 degrees from each other, then their signs will not be compatible. The square aspect between Aries and Cancer makes it non compatible. When signs are at 120 degrees, trine, then they would be compatible. Opposite signs are also symbol of zodiac compatibility.


Astrological Aspects


Aspect Between Decans: Decans are further divisions of each zodiac signs. While each zodiac signs occupy thirty degrees of the sky, each decan occupy ten degrees of each zodiac sign. Each decan also has ruling planet, similar to the zodiac sign. For example, first decan of the Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and the second decan of the Gemini is ruled by planet Venus.


Planets have aspects and zodiac signs too make angular aspects. So decans which are part of it would also have aspects. The combination of planet and sign in astrology has some influence on the person. When the birth decan has some angular aspect with other decans and its ruling planet, it might also influence the happenings in a person’s life. While planets remain in decans as their houses, their influence can be felt by the aspects they make.


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fixed stars astrologyFixed Stars: Stars are not fixed; they go through motion relative to the center of the galaxy. But ancient astronomers believed that the stars are fixed. They were considered to be fixed to the firmament that rotated around our Earth, retaining the same patterns known as constellation. While the stars were fixed, the stars that wandered or travelled across the night sky are called wandering stars (planets). Even the sun and moon were considered as planets in astrology. They distinguished between stars and planets with the twinkling of stars and steady light from planets.


Many fixed stars in astrology predict unique aspects of one’s personality as well as future. Some popular fixed stars are Regulus, Antares, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, Sirius and Spica.


These popular astrology calculators give you a detailed astrological analysis based on the positions of aspects and fixed stars in your natal chart.









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