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Astrology Of The Mythical Zodiac Signs

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Some astrological systems have a remained a mystery to everyone. Even though they were thought to be present since ancient times but have been lost forever, the myth behind these zodiac signs is still present.


There are the twelve Western Zodiac signs that everyone knows and there are also different Chinese and other Asian zodiacs. But these are the ones followed currently by a portion of the world. There have been zodiac signs used by civilization that once thrived in this world, but we just hear of them as a mythical story.


These zodiac signs were mysterious because the system on which these astrological systems were built has been lost forever (Atlantis zodiac signs or Sabian astrology), or is related to the galaxy, like Galactic Astrology.




Atlantis Zodiac SignsAtlantic Zodiac Signs: You must have heard about the Lost island of Atlantis. Atlantis was a marvelous island that was believed to have existed between America and Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. And it submerged into the ocean waters due to the ferocity of Gods. It was believed that the people of Atlantis followed astrology and zodiac signs. But their zodiac signs were based on the days of the months.

These zodiac signs repeat itself for every month. For example, if you were born on 1st of month, then your Zodiac sign in Azr’hal. No matter which month of the year you were born, when your date of birth falls on the sixth day, then your zodiac sign is Ferz’oulh. Altogether, there are 15 Atlantis zodiac signs whose days have been adjusted as per our current Gregorian calendar.

They are Azr’hal(Day 1), Duirk’har(Day 2-4), Ferz’oulh(Day 5,6), Gal’ai(Day 7), Jni’bael (Day 8-10), Klad’esh(Day11), Mama’dhoul(Day12-14), Perd’Hur(Day15-16), Quest’Hal(Day 17), Sark’Houm(Day 18-19), Ek’Winax(Day 20-22), Vord’Hak (Day 23-25), Ysb’Aal (Day 26-28), Za’our (Day 29-30), Yri’Birri(Day 31 or Day 29 of Feb). When you were born on 13th of May, then your zodiac sign is Mama’dhoul. You will be a person who prefers silence and is always faced with dilemma.

Sabian SymbolsSabian Astrology: Sabian astrology is related with the Sabian symbols. Sabians were considered to be a group of people who had lived in Babylonia between 3rd millennium BC and 13th century AD. They were considered to be group of people who had possibly created astrology, zodiac signs and numerology.

Sabian symbols were developed by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones with the help of clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. Elsie Wheeler who was in a wheelchair all of her life due to severe arthritis had the chance to hear to the Sabian people who had communicated to her during 1925, while Jones was showing her cards with zodiac signs written on it.

Sabian symbols were totally 360 in number, one each for one degree of the sky. Each zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces had 30 cards, numbered from 1 to 30. Each card has special text written on it, which might predict the future of the person who reads it.



A person who wishes to read Sabian symbols needs to shuffle cards and take one from it. Based on the text that appears along with the zodiac sign, your future can be read. For example, if you get Aries card number 17, then you would be having the text ‘Two Prim Spinsters sitting together in silence’. It means you are not ready to accept any relationship and you need to look for new opportunities to open up to new possibilities.

Galactic AstronomyGalactic Zodiac Signs: Early men thought of stars that are fixed to have some meaning in their lives. But later on, astrologers confined their predictions to only the planets and the stars were left out. But recently, astrologers have adopted Galactic astrology, the astrology that involves reading of planets beyond our solar system.


Our sun revolves around the centre of Milky Way galaxy and we see the Milky Way strip at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. This is the starting point of Galactic astrology. Galactic astrology is designed with Sun in the center and planets around it.

The galaxy is divided into twelve portions with following signs, one for each portion – Law, Build, Heal, Teach, Explore, Trade, Rule, Protect, Nurture, Collect, Interpret and Art. Each of these sign has a symbol associated with it. Similar to zodiac signs, these signs too have separate characteristics. For example, people with Galactic sign Nurture, will be ready to help others.



Solar ZodiacOphiuchus: Ever since astrology was developed, both tropical zodiac and sidereal zodiac adopted only twelve zodiac signs. But there are speculations that actually there are thirteen zodiac signs, with Ophiuchus being the new addition. The matter came into light when International Astronomical Union announced the existence of Sun in constellation other than Capricorn zodiac between November 29 and December 17. They have decided that the constellation is Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer. Though none of the astrologers have used it and it still is a mysterious zodiac sign. Ophiuchus, also known as the solar zodiac is not yet widely adopted into astrology as of now.



The mysterious and mythical astrology signs give you personality and future predictions from a new angle. Try out the online astrology calculators to get instant forecasts.

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