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Physiognomy – An Introduction To Face Reading

Article posted on May 3, 2013 and it has been read by 12608 people

Face Readin PersonalityFace reading or physiognomy is an ancient practice of finding out a person's nature. It is an accurate and an effective way of unveiling the potential, personality and abilities of an individual. The art of face reading is quite simple. Once the shape, size and significance of the features of our face is learnt and understood, things become simpler. This article gives an overview of the different face features taken into consideration by a face reader and what they signify in general.

Very often we say - 'face is the mirror of the mind.' Yes, it is true. Your face reveals much about yourself and your characteristics and personality in general. Every feature of the face - eyes, mouth, nose, ears, chin - to name some, unveils something or the other about the characteristic traits and the personality of an individual. Thus face reading offers valuable info to human beings.

The Forehead

Shapes and sizes of foreheads are many. A wide forehead indicates that a person is clever and very practical minded. People with this kind of forehead are very high on their ideals and possess wealthy and brilliant ideas.

Face ReadingHigh rounded and a deep forehead represents that the person is a very loyal friend and an idealistic individual; on the other hand a narrow forehead acts as an hindrance to fulfillment of desires and there may be a number of constraints in family life.

Shallow forehead complemented with a low hairline indicates hindrance in the way of career success; whereas the flat forehead clearly indicates your realistic nature. The fact that you are a day-dreamer is indicated by the exaggerated forehead and the pointed forehead shows off your high intelligence level.

The Hair

A person's strength, patience, his calmness and his physical strengths and weaknesses all are indicated by the hair structure. One who possesses fine, silky and delicate hair is likely to be a sensitive person accompanied with slender and delicate physical build.

A person with thick and wiry hair signifies that the individual is physically very powerful and strong and also the fact that he/she is a flexible individual. They love to accept tough challenges in life and make their way through all difficult things very easily.

The Eyebrows

Joined eyebrow indicates that the individual is very emotional and sentimental. Very often he goes by his/her heart and not by their head. Moreover, they tend to be very particular about all the minute details.

The Eyes

eyes shapes

Eyes are said to be the soul of the human body. There are different kinds of eyes which signify different characteristic traits.


  • Hooded lids: These are rarely found. But those with these types of eyes are very introvert in nature and tend to keep their feelings suppressed.
  • Wide eyes: A person with wide eyes are very often laid back by others.
  • Triangular eyes: This points out the fact that the individual is very sensitive by nature.
  • Eyes are close together: People with eyes close to each other tend to be impulsive individuals and they think and act very fast.

The Mouth

Thin lips points out that the person is very reserved by nature and possess excellent communication skills. They are successful writers and talk little but to the point.

Face MaskNose

The sense of self and matters related to the career are indicated by the nose. Those with hooked nose are very dynamic about their goals and tend to become successful team leaders. People with wide nose are communication specialists and they just love to be surrounded by people and be the focus wherever they go. Again people with thin and narrow nose means that they are workaholics and prefer to remain isolated.


Small eared persons generally tend to be very instinctive in nature. Those with protruding ears prefer to be lonely, but they are basically creative in nature. Intellectuality is represented by larger ears.

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