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Chakras: A Mystical View

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Seven ChakrasChakras or the centres of life force when related with forms of esoteric divination like Runes, Tarot cards and Kabbalah, can provide immense knowledge about your personal wellbeing.

Chakras are energy points in our body which are responsible for overall balancing of body, mind and soul. Chakras are stimulated by the combination of meditation and yoga.

There are altogether seven chakras, located from the head to the backbone. They are Crown chakra (at the top), Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sacral chakra and Root chakra.

Kundalini yoga awakens the bottommost chakra and balances it with the topmost chakra. Each of the chakra has specific attributes which when awakened takes the person to another higher energy level.  A person who is said to have achieved the awakening of chakras and attained Kundalini state is said to be enlightened.

Lets see what the relationship between Chakras and runes stones actually is. Runes reading is a form of fortune telling based on inscriptions on stones called the Elder Futhark. Based on what stone you pick, your future can be predicted. You can feel the energy of runes flowing into your body in the manner in which it is awakened by your chakras.



RunesSeven Chakras Runes Correspondence:

Chakras Corresponding Runes
Crown Chakra Fa, Hagal and Bar
Third Eye Chakra Ur, Ka, Tyr, Nod, Laf and Gibor
Throat Chakra Thorn, Rit, Is, Sig, Man and Eh
Heart Chakra Os, Ar and Yr
Solar Plexus Chakra Thorn, Rit, Is, Sig, Man and Eh
Sacral Chakra Ur, Ka, Tyr, Nod, Laf and Gibor
Root Chakra Fa, Hagal and Bar


Chakras also have correspondence with Tarot cards. Tarot cards are a set of seventy eight cards, out of which 22 form the Major Arcana and the rest 56 form the Minor Arcana. Based on the arrangement of the cards and the order in which tarot reader chooses the cards, the fortune can be predicted for a person.

Chinese Zodiac 2017

Tower TarotSeven Chakras Tarot Cards Correspondence:

Chakras Corresponding Tarot Cards
Crown Chakra Hanged Man, Star and the Fool
Third Eye Chakra High Priestess, Hermit and Moon
Throat Chakra Magician, Hierophant and Wheel of Fortune
Heart Chakra Lovers, Justice, Strength & Temperament
Solar Plexus Chakra Chariot, Sun and Tower
Sacral Chakra High Priestess, Death and Empress
Root Chakra Emperor, Devil and World


Kabbalah too has a strong relationship with Chakras. Kabbalah is method of fortune telling which uses the Tree of Life. Each of the chakra relates well with the corresponding sign or sephirot of the Cabala Tree of Life and they share a common characteristic. Each sephirot or sefirot is related to different energies present in this Universe.


Kabbalah Tree Of Life


Seven Chakras Kabbalah Correspondence:

Chakras Corresponding Cabala Sephiroth
Crown Chakra Keter
Third Eye Chakra Binah, Hokhmah
Throat Chakra Da’at
Heart Chakra Gevurah, Hesed
Solar Plexus Chakra Tiferet
Sacral Chakra Hod, Nezah
Root Chakra Yesod






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