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Astrology Forecast For Fame & Finance

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Will I be rich? Will I make money? Will I be prosperous? What about my position in society? Astrology can answer all these questions and more from your birth chart or Janam Kundli.

Money astrologyThe country’s famous astrologer visits your city and is expected to camp there for a week. You read about this in the newspaper and are all excited to visit him. You book an appointment to get an astrology reading from him and are all set to visit him. And the day arrives. You wait in the hotel lounge and walk to his room at the exact time. He welcomes you with a smile and gives you a chair to sit.

You: “Good Morning, Sir. My Name is Tom Pitt. I want to know when I will be rich and famous.”
Astrologer: “Good Morning. Let me read your horoscope

He receives your horoscope and reads it for a minute.
Astrologer continues: “Ok. To know your riches and your path to fame, we should start with your Lagna. You have Mesha Lagna, that is, Aries Ascendant”.

You: “Sorry, I could not understand. Can you be more elaborate?”

Astrologer: “Ok. Lagna is the zodiac sign that is arising at the horizon at the time of your birth. This is called Ascendant in Western Astrology. For example, Aries was at the horizon, when you were born and hence you are born in (Aries) Mesha Lagna.  

This is called your Udaya Lagna. There are however different Lagnas. There is a Chandra Lagna that is the position of Moon at time of your birth. The zodiac sign that houses the moon during your birth is your Chandra Lagna. Your Chandra Lagna can be used to determine your memory and mental activity. The zodiac sign that houses Sun during your birth is called Surya Lagna. “


sri symbol for wealthYou: “Thanks, Sir. Which Lagna should you read for wealth and fame?”

Astrologer: “For wealth, we need to read your Indu Lagna. Each of the planets has some value, like Sun has 30, while Mercury has 6. First determine your Chandra Lagna and Udaya Lagna. Now take the ninth house from Chandra Lagna and ninth house from Udaya Lagna. Determine the planets in both these houses and sum up their values. Now divide the sum by 12 and determine the house that is at remainder value from the Udaya Lagna.

For example, if your Udaya Lagna is Aries and remainder is 5, then your Indu Lagna too is Virgo. Based on the good and bad planets, your financial position can be determined. If there are no bad planets around and only good planets in your Indu Lagna, then you can be millionaire in your life. But if there are bad planets and no good planets, then you might be poor financially”.



finance astrologyYou: “Oh OK. How about my prosperity?”

Astrologer: “For that, we need to find your Sri Lagna. Sri Lagna is a symbol of your prosperity. It is easy to calculate. For example, if your Chandra Lagna is Taurus and if the moon was at 20 Degrees 20 minutes in Taurus zodiac, then your Nakshatra would be Rohini. Now Rohini occupies 13 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus and so the moon had advanced 7 degrees in Rohini. Now divide this advance by total degree of a star (7 deg 0 mins/13 deg 20 mins). The value should be multiplied by 360.

Now, add this product to the degree of your Lagna (from Aries). For example, if your Udaya Lagna is Scorpio astrology sign at zero degree, then add 210 degree to the above product. If the sum is below 360, then you can directly find your Sri Lagna. If it is above 360, then you need to subtract it by 360 and find Sri Lagna. For example, if your sum is 345, then you Sri Lagna would be Pisces. If it is 385, then subtract it by 360 and you get 25. 25 degrees is Aries.”


You: “Oh! That’s really good. How about my social company? How will my friends will be?”

Astrologer: “For that, we need to find your Varnada Lagna. As the name stands for, Varnada is a reflection of the term Varna which is your position in society. This shows your good Karma towards society. For finding Varnada Lagna, we need to know your birth Lagna and Hora Lagna. The zodiac sign arising in the east during your birth is the Udaya Lagna. Find the position of Sun and advance through the signs by the formula (Diff between Birth time and Sunrise * 30). The resultant degree when advanced from your Surya Lagna will be your Hora Lagna.

Money Finance PredictionsNow if your Hora Lagna and Udaya Lagna are in even signs, then count from Pisces or else count from Aries. For example, if your Hora Lagna is in Leo (odd sign), it is at 5th position from Aries. If you Udaya Lagna is Virgo (even sign), then count from Pisces, which is 7. If both Hora and Udaya Lagna are even or odd, then you need to add the two positions and divide it by 12. If Hora is even and Udaya is odd or vice versa, then you need to find the difference between its positions.

In this case, we need to find the difference between them. And the difference is now 2 (7-5). Now, if Udaya Lagna is odd, count forward from Aries. If it is even, count in reverse from Pisces. Here the Udaya Lagna is even, so count two signs from Pisces, which gives Capricorn. Your Varnada Lagna is Capricorn. Based on the Varna this Capricorn falls into, Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Sudhra, your social position will be determined.”

You: “Wow. That was really enlightening. Thanks for sharing so much on these topics, Sir.”

Astrologer: “This is just the start of astrology predictions. Your horoscope and birth chart reveal tremendous information about you.”

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